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You cannot because the median of a distribution is not related to its standard deviation.

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Q: How do you find graph median by using standard deviation?
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How do you calculate standard deviation using median?

You cannot because the standard deviation is not related to the median.

Which measure of variation is appropriate when using the mean and which is appropriate when using the median?

When using the mean: the variance or standard deviation. When using the median: the range or inter-quartile range.

How to find mean variance and standard deviation using functions in c program?

to calculate standard deviation using pointers

How do you calculate the standard deviation of the mean using Excel?

=stdev(...) will return the N-1 weighted sample standard deviation. =stdevp(...) will return the N weighted population standard deviation.

Is it correct to calculate the standard deviation using duplicate analysis?

No it is not correct.

Which measure of variation is appropriate when using the mean?

The variance or standard deviation.

What are the criteria for choosing measure of central tendency and measure of variation?

Central tendency is measured by using the mean, median and mode of a set of numbers. Variation is measured by using the range, variance and standard deviation of a set of numbers.

Can standard deviation be calculated for non normal data?

Standard deviation can be calculated using non-normal data, but isn't advised. You'll get abnormal results as the data isn't properly sorted, and the standard deviation will have a large window of accuracy.

What is the standard error of the sampling distribution equal to when you do not know the population standard deviation?

You calculate the standard error using the data.

What is standard deviation stretch?

The standard deviation stretch is used to stretch the output values using a normal distribution. The result of this stretch is similar to what is seen by the human eye.

How do you find standard deviation using a calculator?

The answer depends on what functions are built into your calculator. Read the calculator manual.

Is a standard deviation of 18 considered high?

The standard deviation, in itself, cannot be high nor low. If the same measurements were recorded using a unit that was a ten times as large (centimetres instead of millimetres), the standard deviation for exactly the same data set would be 1.8. And if they were recorded in metres the sd would be 0.018

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