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That's not enough information. distance x force = work, but mass is unrelated.

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Q: How do you find mass given work and distance?
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How do you find work given mass and distance?

Work = force x distance IN THE DIRECTION OF THE FORCE You've probably been given a question where you are lifting something up? Then in that case, the force is gravity. If you're not working against a force, figuring out work with just mass and distance is impossible.

How do you find distance given mass and work?

You can't. Work is (force) times (distance), so you have to know something about the force. Just knowing the mass doesn't tell you anything about the force ... unless there's actually something else about the mass that you've overlooked.

How do you find distance given weight ang work?

You don't

How do you solve for power if mass distance and time is given?

power=work done/time interval

How do you find work done if force and mass are given?

You cannot. You do not have the necessary information.

What formula do you need to solve for distance if given foce and work?

The formula for finding work is: Work = force X distance. To find distance, you must divide both sides by force. After simplifying the equation, the new equation will read: distance = work divided by force

How do you determine how much work is done?

First you have to find the force F=(mass/weight of object)*(9.8) Once you find force Work=(Force)*(Distance) Your answer will be in joules

How do you find the work done on an object when you have mass distance and force?

The work done on an object is w= (f)orce.(d)istance = fd.

A crane does 5000J of work to lift a box a vertical distance of 16.0 m Calculate the mass of the box?

Force on the box = (weight) = (mass) x (gravity)Work = (force) x (distance) = (mass x gravity) x (distance)Mass = (work) / (gravity x distance)= (5000) / (9.8 x 16) = 31.888 kg (rounded)

How do you calculate work done by gravity?

Work is mass*acceleration*distance. On earth, the acceleration of gravity is 9.8 meters per second squared, so the work of gravity is 9.8*mass*distance.

How do you calculate the work function in joules?

Work = mass x acceleration x distance. If mass is in Kilograms, acceleration is in meters/second2, and distance is in meters than Work will be in joules. Also E=I2R

Can you work out the speed of an object by using mass and distance?

An object's speed is (distance it travels) divided by (time to cover the distance). The object's mass doesn't matter at all.

How do you get work done if you have given mass and power?

If you're given 'power', then you don't even need to know the 'mass'.Work done = (power) multiplied by (length of time it continued)

How do you find work if only mass and displacement is given?

First Find the Force Acting on Body take a = 9.8m/s F=ma Second Work Done = Force x Displacement Answer will be in Joules

How much work is done if the mass is 21kg lifted through 7meters?

Work = (force) times (distance) = (mass) x (gravity) x (distance) = (21) (9.8) (7) = 1,440.6 joules

Work done with an angle of elevation?

With the angle of elevation, one can find the change in height of an object after it has traveled a given distance, and vice versa.

How do you find the mass of an object suspended in gravity?

The silly answere is, "Weigh it". However, I suspect that the question is about a mass which is in free-fall, and therefore has no measurable weight. The mass might be measured by finding out how it accelerates. Simply, we fix the mass to a wall. Then we attach a spring to it and stretch the spring to a certain distance. Then we release the mass from the wall and time how long it takes to go a given distance, subject to the pull of the spring. As we know the force of the spring at every point of the journey and the time of the journey, using acceleration and velocity equations we can work out the mass.

What is the formula of power if distance and force are given?

You need one more "given": the time, i.e., how long it takes you. Work = distance x force, and power = work / time. Thus, you get: power = distance x force / time

What formula is used to determine distance if work and force are given?

W = f.s Work = force x distance w in neuton metres

How do you find force when given distance and work?

W=Fd so when you divide both sides by Force and Work and take the reciprocal you get the equation F=W/d -Joshua Garrison

What are two factors of work?

Force and distance. In physics, work is defined as the amount of energy transferred by a force acting through a given amount of distance.

How do you work out force if theres a mass and distance?

If the mass is already moving, then no force is required to move it any desired distance,and if it's not moving, then any force will start it moving. We'll say that there's no definiterelationship between force, mass, and distance.

What is the most commonly used formula used to calculate mass?

mass = volume x density mass = force / acceleration mass = work / (acceleration x distance)

How do you find the amount of work done on an object?

Work = force x distance.

What is the formula for work given force distance and time?

Work = (force) x (distance). Time is not involved.But if that amount of work was done in that amount of time, then(force) x (distance)/(time) is the average power during that time.