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devide it by 3 then times by 100

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Q: How do you find percentages of number?
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How do you find missing number if the mean is given using percentages?

Convert it.

How do you use a calculator to find percentages?

take any number and multilpy by 100

How do you find percentages in whole numbers?

To find a percentage in a whole number, multiply the number by 100%, or put two zeroes and a percent sign after the number.

What are percentages used for?

percentages are used to tell the over all number

How to find bell curve percentages?

There are infinitely many bell curves and you need to have the distribution parameters to find percentages.

Why should there be percentages when a number can be expressed as a fraction or a decimal?

Decimals and percentages are easier to compare than fractions - particularly if they are unlike fractions. That does not explain why percentages are required when we have decimal number and there is no good answer to that!

What is the difference between fractions and percentages?

Fractions are integers divided by integers. Percentages are the number of hundredths.

Where do you find percentages?

We find percentages in shops like on clothes if the item is having a sale and is 10%percent off or in food it has a certain percentage in it.

Where would you give percentages in everyday life?

you would find percentages in cooking sale prices grades

How do Doctors use percentages?

Doctors can use percentages in a great many number of ways. Doctors can use percentages to calculate the probability for having a certain disease.

How do you work out percentages?

divide top number to bottom

How to determine percentage of cotton and wool in cotswool?

The percentages vary. To find the percentages for a particular fabric, read the label.

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