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Find the Sum to n terms of the series 5

5+55+555+ +n Terms

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Q: How do you find the C programming of the sum of the series 5 plus 55 plus 555 plus . plus n terms?
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Can you have the program in C plus plus for recursive function generating a series of terms?

Yes, this can be done. For example for Fibonacci series. You will find plenty of examples if you google for the types of series you need to be generated.

What is 1 plus 1 half plus 1 third plus 1 quarter plus 1 fifth and so on?

This series is known as the Harmonic Series and it diverges but very, very slowly. For example, the first 100 terms sum to 5.187...., the first 1000 terms to 7.486...., and the first 1000000 terms to 14.392.... There are many proofs of the divergence of this series and an internet search of Harmonic Series will no doubt find many of them.

How do you make chess game in c plus plus programming?

This question cannot be answered here. Go to and find a book about chess-programming.

4 plus 10 plus 16 plus plus 70 find the sum of this series?

4 plus 10 plus 16 plus 70 equals 100. To find the sum of this series, simply add all the numbers together.

What are the two major types of programming languages in c plus plus?

Object oriented programming and structured programming.

When was Plus - programming language - created?

Plus - programming language - was created in 1976.

Is c plus plus a modular programming?

No, but it does support modular programming through namespaces.

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we are using c plus plus programming for developing object oriented programing software.

Find the greater no between two nos using pointer in c plus plus programming?

if (*&a > *&b) *&max = *&a; else *&max = *&b;

How you can find greatest of three variables using c plus plus programming?

greatest = std::max (a, std::max(b, c));

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Computer programming.

What is c plus plus primarily used for?