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Average speed = Total distance/Total time

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Q: How do you find the average in mph?
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What is the average mph of a human?

The average mph of a human running is 12mph.

Mph of a average human?

the mph of an average human running is 12mph

What is the average speed of 40 mph and 60 mph?

Average speed is 50 mph [(40+60)/2].

What is the traffic officer clocked the cars at 45mph 37 mph 34 mph and 40 mph what is the average speed?

The average speed is 39 mph.

How many hours is 320 miles?

About 5 hours at 65 mph average About 5 hours at 55 mph average About 4 hours at 80 mph average

How long to travel 11 miles BY CAR?

Depends how fast you drive, how much traffic is on the streets, how you hit the lights, etc. If you average 5 mph . . . 2hours 12minutes If you average 10 mph . . . 1hour 6minutes If you average 15 mph . . . 44 minutes If you average 20 mph . . . 33 minutes If you average 30 mph . . . 22 minutes If you average 60 mph . . . 11 minutes

How fast mph average running?

i dunno bout mph but i think up to 110kph on an average

What is the average speed mph of male ejaculation?

The average speed of a male ejaculation is 28 mph!!!

What is the average speed of a pony?

43 mph 43 mph

How long does it take to drive 166 miles?

If you average 16.6 mph, it will take you 10 hours. If you average 33.2 mph, it will take you 5 hours. If you average 66.4 mph, it will take you 2.5 hours. If you average 166 mph, it will take you 1 hour.

Run 1 mile in ten minutes average speed in MPH?

Average speed is about 6 mph.

What is the average speed of a motorcycle?

Motorcycle mph varies from make & model. The average speed of a motorcycle ranges from 180 mph up to about 395 mph.

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