How do you find the deviation?

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The deviation is the observed value less the expected value.

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Q: How do you find the deviation?
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If quartile deviation is 24. find mean deviation and standard deviation?

Information is not sufficient to find mean deviation and standard deviation.

How do you find percent deviation?

to find percent deviation you divide the average deviation into the mean then multiply by 100% . to get the average deviation you must subtract the mean from a measured value.

How do you find the average deviation for ungrouped data?

The average deviation is always 0.

How do you find the sample deviation?

You're an idiot. It's standard deviation. Google that for your answer.

Why we calculate standard deviation and quartile deviation?

we calculate standard deviation to find the avg of the difference of all values from mean.,

How do you do standard deviation Sx in Excel?

The command to find the sample standard deviation, which is SX, in Excel is:=STDEV(VALUES)The command to find the population standard deviation in Excel is:=STDEVP(VALUES)

Find the standard deviation for 44 46 33 10 50 27?

The deviation is 1694.

Is variance the square root of standard deviation?

No, you have it backwards, the standard deviation is the square root of the variance, so the variance is the standard deviation squared. Usually you find the variance first, as it is the average sum of squares of the distribution, and then find the standard deviation by squaring it.

How do you find deviation mean?

There is no such thing. Maybe your professor meant , Standard Deviation, The Mean. (2 different things.)

How do you find graph median by using standard deviation?

You cannot because the median of a distribution is not related to its standard deviation.

How do you find the standard deviation for data?

Standard deviation calculation is somewhat difficult.Please refer to the site below for more info

How to find mean variance and standard deviation using functions in c program?

to calculate standard deviation using pointers

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