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it dependes on what shape it is.

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Q: How do you find the height if give volume and radius?
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How do you find the radius of a cone when given the volume and height?

well the formula for volume is 1/2 x pi x radius^2 x height so... you would divide the volume by the height and then divide that answer by 1/2 and divide that answer by pi... that answer will give you the radius squared so you would find the square root

What is the volume of a cylinder with a radius of 6ft and a height of 24ft?

Pi x Radius2 x Height will give you the answer.

What does volume of a cylinder equal if diameter equals 2.6 and height equals 0.75?

To find the volume, you need to find the area of the circular base, then multiply it by the height. The base is a circle, so use the equation A=pi*radius^2 (radius squared). So Area (A) = pi *1.3^2 (Use 1.3 since radius is half the diameter) Now multiply your answer for Area by the height (0.75), to give the volume of your cylinder.

How do you find the height of a cylinder when given the base and volume?

Find the area of the base and divide by the volume and that should give you the height.

How do you get volume of the coin?

Think of the coin as a cylinder. The volume is the area of the base X the height. The area of the base is Pi X radius squared. So if you know the radius or the diameter of the coin, which you can measure, and the height which you can also measure, than PiXr2Xh will give you the volume.

Equation for height of a cylinder?

The equation you need depends on what else you know about the cylinder.Here's the general formula for the area of a cylinder: Area = 2 (pi) R HHere's the general formula for the volume of a cylinder: Volume = (pi) R2 HIn both formulas, R is the radius of the circular end, and H is the height (or length)of the cylinder.If somebody wants you to find the height of a cylinder, and they don't give youany information about the cylinder, then the only way to find the height is witha ruler or a tape-measure.If you have to find the height of the cylinder and you can't measure it, then theymust tell you the radius of the cylinder, and either the area or else the volume.Without those figures, you have no way to calculate the height.If they give you radius and area, then you remember [ Area = 2 (pi) R H ],and you realize thatH = Area/2 pi RIf they give you radius and volume, then you remember that [ Volume = (pi) R2 H ],and you realize thatH = Volume/pi R2

What is the height and radius of a cylinder if the volume is 512?

It is not possible to answer the question with the information provided. Consider 512 cm3 of putty. Make a squat cylinder from it. Measure its height and radius. Then roll it out into a longer cylinder. Measure its height and radius again. Roll it into a still longer cylinder and measure its height and radius yet again. Repeat until you get fed up! All these cylindershave the same volume (512 cm3) because they are made from the same amount of putty. But any one of the height and radius combinations will give that volume.

Why is the radius squared when finding the volume of the cylinder?

because when you find the volume of a rectangular prism you basically get the area of the base and multiply it by its height and for the cylinder the area of its base = pi(r^2) which you then multiply by its height to give you its volume no way in hell am i explaing to you the calculus and limit stand point of this >_>; sorry

How do you find the base of a rectangular prism if you know the volume and height?

You can only find the area of the base with this information. The volume divided by the height will give you the area of the base.

How do you find the volume of a cylinder when height and the radius is given?

Find the area of the circle and multiply it by the heightI will give an example:Radius = 10 cm and height = 15 cmvolume = Area of base x heightArea of base = area of circle = 3.142 x 10 x 10 = 314.2 cm squaredVolume = Ans. x height=314.2 x 15=4713 cm cubedGood Luck and hope you got it

How do you find the radius of a cylinder using the circumference and the height?

divide the circumference by pi (3.1416) and divide the product by two that will give you the radius

If they give me the height of a prism and the cross-section area how do I find the volume?

Multiply the cross-section area by the height.