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It will be the cube root of 26

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Q: How do you find the height of a cube if the volume is 26?
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Find the exact volume of a cone that has a slant height of 26 inches and a radius of 24 inches.?

V = 6,032 cubic inches.

How do you find a base of a trapezoid if the height is 9 and the base is 26?

If the height of the trapezoid is 9 and the base is 26, then it appears likely to us that the base is 26.

What is the cube root of 26?

Cube root of 26 = 2.9625 (approx)

What is the volume of a cylinder that has a radius of 20 and height of 26?

pi r2h =pi(20)2(26) =pi(400)(26) =(10400)pi =32656

What is the maximum possible volume for a box with a length of 26?

Just make the height and width as large as possible and then multiply those measurements with 26.

What is the surface area to volume ratio of a cube 1X1X6?

Well, first of all, that's no cube. All three dimensions of a cube are the same number. If they're not, then it's not a cube. -- The volume of that thing is (1 x 1 x 6) = 6 cubic units. -- Its surface area is [ 2 x (1 x 1) + 4 x (1 x 6) ] = (2 + 24) = 26 square units. -- The ratio of surface area to volume is 26 square units/6 cubic units = 41/3 per unit. -- For a cube, the ratio is always 6 per unit.

Is 26 a cube number?


Find the height and length of a tv set if the diagonal of the tv is 26 inches and the length is 14 inches more than the height?

Length- Height-

What is the cube root of 17576?


When was Remik's Cube created?

Remik's Cube was created on 2008-08-26.

If your oven has a volume of one cubic foot what is its height if its depth is 26 inches and the width is 26 inches?

I'm not sure your question is going to get the answer your looking for but here is how it works. cubic feet is width in feet times height in feet times depth in feet (w*h*d=v or volume). 1 cubic foot equals 1728 cubic inches. If the 26 for depth and width is measured in inches then your "oven" height is 1728 divided by 26 then divided by 26 again (h=v/w/d). That would make your oven height 2.56 inches. That just doesn't seem to be reasonable for an oven so you may want to edit your question.

Find the area of a trapezoid with bases of 18 cm and 26 cm and a height of 11 cm?


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