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In a properly wired switch, you should find a bare ground wire of copper. Using a DVM or voltmeter, measure the voltage between the ground wire and both wires attached to the switch. One should be hot or at 120 volts. The other wire will lead to the device the switch turns on or off. If there is no ground wire, you can run a temporary wire from a earth or pipe ground to get a measurement.

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Q: How do you find the hot wire on a light switch?
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Light switch has 4 wire colors red and white and green and black which is the hot wire?

You have a 3 way switch. Your black wire is the hot wire. Your green wire is the ground wire. Your red and white wires go to the light and other switch. You should have gotten a wiring diagram with your switch.

How do you tell which wire is the switch wire when fitting new light?

You always switch the HOT side of the light, never the neutral. This would be the black wire from your voltage source.

What colour is the common wire in a light switch?

Normally the white wire is neutral, and the black is hot. But if the power comes into the ceiling box and the light is controlled by a switch leg the white my very well be hot. If there is only one wire in the switch box that is a switch leg.

When at a 2 pole light switch and the wire colors shown are black white and green which is the hot wire and which is the common?

the black wire is the hot wire

Why is there continuity between ground and the hot wire on a light switch?

There isn't, unless you have a damaged switch.

How do you wire a light switch with only black and red wires?

Black is your hot wire. Red goes to the light fixture.

Is the red wire hot or the white wire hot?

The white wire is always identified as a neutral wire. The only time you will find the white wire "hot" is in residential home wiring. This will be the return wire from a light switch back up to the light fixture. Code specifies that this conductor has to have a coloured tape identifier to show that it is not a neutral but a current carrying "hot" conductor.

How do you connect a switch where the power is at the light?

Run a wire from the light to the switch. At the light connect the black power wire to the black wire to the switch. Not wrap some black electric tape at each end of the white wire going to the switch (This indicates that the wire is potentially hot and not a common wire). At the switch connect the black wire to one side of the switch and the taped wire to the other side of the switch. Connect the ground (bare) wire to the green screw on the switch. Now at the light connect the taped white wire to the black wire feeding the light and connect all grounds together with a wirenut.

Is it ok to connect the white wire to the black wire in house wiring?

No it is not a standard practice. That said you will find such a connection from a light fixture junction box, that has the supply source in it, down to a a light switch junction box. The neutral for the light is already at the light junction box but the switched leg has to go down to the switch. The black "hot" wire is connected to the white wire in the cable going to the switch and from the switch it returns in the black wire in the same cable which is then connected to the light fixture.

Where can you find a hot wire that is hot even when the car is off?

Look on the main fuse panel, you should find a place there.

What should the reading at the light switch be when the switch and the light fixture is removed. I had a dimmer switch on that light it went out I checked the volts at the switch they were about 14?

On the "hot"wire that comes from the breaker panel the voltage should be from 115 to 120 volts. This is taken from the "hot" wire to either the neutral or the ground wire. If its not then you have a breaker problem or you are on the wrong scale of the test meter.

Where is the positive brake light wire located?

Should be HOT at one side of the brake light switch

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