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The golden rectangle ratio: 1:(1 + the square root of 5) over 2 or about 1.618

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Q: How do you find the measures of an golden rectangle?
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The length of a golden rectangle is approximately 8 cm. Which of the following measures could be the width of the rectangle?

5 cm

Who constructed the golden rectangle?

when golden rectangle constructed?

What is measure of vertex angle in a golden triangle?

If you mean the golden rectangle then each of its 4 interior angles measures 90 degrees but if you mean an equilateral triangle then each of its 3 interior angles measures 60 degrees

What does a golden rectangle have to do with phi?

phi is incorperated into the golden rectangle, because if you divide the longer side of the golden rectangle by the shorter sid, the answer will be phi.(1.168...)

Was Euclid the one who constructed the golden rectangle?

Euclid was the one to construct the golden rectangle

Each angle of a rectangle measures how many degrees?

Each angle of a rectangle measures 90 degrees.

When creating a Golden Spiral each successive division of a Golden Rectangle into a square and a smaller Golden Rectangle is called an iteration?


What do you conclude by golden ratio and golden rectangle?


Is there a golden pentagon if there's a golden rectangle?

No, there's no golden pentagon.

What is the Golden Rectangle?

The Golden Rectangle is a geometrical figure whose side lengths are in the golden ratio. It can be made with only a compass and a straight edge.

A rectangle room measures 20 feet by 15 feet find the diagonal?

The diagonal is 25 feet.

A golden rectangle has a length of 5 cm. Find the area of the rectangle to the nearest square centimeter?

15 (it is actually really close to 15 and a half)

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