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For Example 4/8 and 8/_:

Multiply 8 and 8 (8*8=64) Divide 64 in 4 (64 divide by 4 = 16)

16 is your answer

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Q: How do you find the missing number from a fraction?
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How do you do to find a missing number on an equivalent fraction?

An equivalent fraction is just a multiple of the one that you have (i.e it is the one that you have, scaled up or down). So multiply the fraction that you have until either the numerator or the denominator match the given numerator/denominator of the fraction with the missing number. The number in the corresponding place on the fraction that you multiplied is the missing number.

In algebra how do you find the missing number in a fraction using the denominator and the percentage?

U sex

How do you find a missing denominator?

You can find a missing denominator if you know something that the fraction is equal to. Then you can find the missing denominator through cross multiplication.

How do you find the missing term in a fraction?

three hundred thousand only

How do you find a missing fraction while giving you the answer?

3 3/8 =

How do you find the missing denominator in a fraction?

That really depends on what information is given.

Can you find the missing number?


How does one find the missing number in a mixed number?

need to find the missing number 8(7+23)=8(7)+8( )

How do you find a number of a fraction?

The question makes no sense: any fraction IS a number. So there is nothing to find!

How do you find a missing number of the formula rectangular prism?

The answer depends on what number is missing and what numbers are known!

How do you find the missing number in a division problem?

to find a missing number in a division problem you need to cross mulp. then add your diviser

What are the missing numbers in this series XX33772365?

the missing number in the series 1,4,27.----.3125 is 81,35,729,256,115 .Please help to find the missing number.

How do you find a greater fraction?

Add a positive number - fraction or integer - to the given fraction.

Which properties can help you find the missing number?


How do you find a fraction of a prime number?

Divide the prime number.

What is the fraction 45 x the missing number equal to the fraction 25?

45 and 25 are both integers, not fractions. 45 * 5/9 = 25.

How can you simplify fraction?

To simplify a fraction, you find a number that can be divided by the fraction you are simplifying. sometimes this does not always work and the fraction can not be simplified.

How do find an missing angle if theres one number?

With only one number, you cannot - unless that one number happens to be the measure of the missing angle!

How do you work out missing number addition if the bottom number is smaller than the top number?

you find out missing numbers in addition by subtracting the numbers that are writen

How do you you find an equivalent fraction?

To find an equivalent fraction, you need to make the denomiator the same number. and whatever you multiplied the bottom by you do it to the top number too.

How to find a fraction notation with a whole number?

Any whole number can be expressed as a fraction by putting it over 1.

How do you find number of equivalents?

There are an infinite number of equivalents for any fraction.

How find the absolute value of a fraction?

you have to find out how far the number is from zero

how do i solve fraction expressions and equation?

the fraction is percent over 100 and fraction over the whole. Whatever number is missing you multiply across in an X with the end being the empty space.

Find the missing number 3ft 5 in equals in?