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Multiply length by width

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Q: How do you find the optimal area of a rectangle given its perimeter?
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How do you find the optimal dimensions of a rectangle if you know the area?

Assuming that you want to minimise the perimeter, then use a square. Its side length is, of course, given by the square root of the area.

How do you find the area of rectangle given its perimeter?

You cannot.

How do you describe a rectangle with the given area that has the smallest perimeter?


What is the type of rectangle with the greatest area for a given perimeter?

The square is.

If sides of rectangle A to rectangle B has ratio 4 to 5. What would the perimeter of rectangle A if the rectangle B has a perimeter of 100 What about area of Rectangle A if the area of rectangle B is?

The perimeter of rectangle A would then be 80 because 80 to 100 is 4 to 5 simplified and the area of triangle A would depend on the sides and area of rectangle B which have not been given.

Formula of a rectangle?

There is no formula for a rectangle. There are formula for calculating its area, perimeter or length of diagonals from its sides, or it is possible to calculate the length of one pair of sides given the other sides and the area or perimeter, or the two lots of sides given area and perimeter and so on.

How do you maximize the area given the perimeter?

In the case of a rectangle, you would maximize the area given the perimeter by making the dimensions equal. In other words, you would make the rectangle into a square. However, to truly maximize the area, you would make the perimeter a perfect circle.

If two shapes have the same perimeter will they have the same area?

Not at all. For example:A square of 2 x 2 will have a perimeter of 8, and an area of 4. A rectangle of 3 x 1 will also have a perimeter of 8, and an area of 3.A "rectangle" of 4 x 0 will also have a perimeter of 8, but the area has shrunk down to zero. The circle has the largest area for a given perimeter/circumference.

What is the maximum area for a rectangle whose perimeter is 136?

The maximum area for a rectangle of fixed perimeter is that of the square that can be formed with the given perimeter. 136/4 = 34, so that the side of such a square will be 34 and its area 342 = 1156.

How do you find a perimeter of a rectangle with one number given?

If you are given the area you will have to think what do you times with the number you have to get it.

The area of a rectangle is 100 inches the perimeter is 40 a second rectangle has the same area but a different perimeter. Is the second rectangle a square?

the area of a rectangleis 100 square inches. The perimeter of the rectangle is 40 inches. A second rectangle has the same area but a different perimeter. Is the secind rectangle a square? Explain why or why not.

If same area in a rectangle does that mean same perimeter?

No. For example, a 4x1 rectangle will have an area of 4 and a perimeter of 10. A 2x2 rectangle will have the same area of 4, but a perimeter of 8.