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It is not clear whether or not "between" is to be consider to include either or both of those two numbers. In any case, the solution is not too different in each case.

Let's assume that the perfect cube being sought is strictly smaller than the larger of the two numbers given. We take the cube root of that number and round it downward to the nearest integer and then cube it. If that number is greater than (or equal in case "between" is inclusive) to the smaller of the two numbers, then that is the perfect cube being sought. If it is smaller than the smaller of the two numbers, there is no such perfect cube.

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Q: How do you find the perfect cube between two numbers?
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How do you find a perfect cube?

To find a number that is a perfect cube, take an integer, mulitply it by itself and again. The answer is a perfect cube. Thus n * n * n To find a perfect cube as a 3 dimensional object is not possible. It is a concept that can exist only in your imagination. Any physical representation is bound to have microscopic (or smaller) flaws - certainly at the sub-atomic level.

How do you find the perfect cube of a number?

juss countt all the sides'xx !

Formula for volume of a cube?

Length X Width X Height Or if it's a perfect cube, just find one side and cube it.

How can you find irrational number between any two number?

There are infinitely many irrational numbers between any two numbers - rational or irrational.Suppose x and y are two irrational numbers.Consider x2 and y2. Is there any integer between them that is not a perfect square? If so, the square root of that number is an irrational between x and y.If not, consider x3 and y3 and look for an integer between them that is not a perfect cube. If there is then the cube root of that number will meet your requirements.If not, try x4 and y4 and then x5 and y5 etc. In a school exercise you are extremely unlikely to have to go as far as the cubes!

What is a perfect square and perfect cubed number?

To find a number that is both a perfect square and a perfect cube, we must solve x2 = x3 over x ∈Z+. The only two solutions to this equation are 0 and 1, or x = {0,1}. Therefore, zero and one are the only two numbers that are both perfect squares and perfect cubes. --In easier terms: a perfect square is a number that can be "square rooted" and have no remainder. Like, 144. The square root is 12 therefore 144 is a perfect square. A perfect Cube is the same except that it must be "cubed rooted". Like 27. The cube root of this number is 3 therefore 27 is a perfect cube.

Find the cube root of the product of the numbers 343 and 512?


How you can find vertical for cube?

a cube has the same length width and height, hence is what makes it a cube. it is a perfect square all the way around, if you know one side, you will know the vertical

Find similarities between cube and cuboid?

they are right angles

How do you find the ratio of the volume of a cube?

you multiply all numbers you see. If triangle you multiply all numbers then divide it by three

How to Find cube root of a number?

You can find a cube root by guessing which two root numbers the number comes exactly in between. Then you can decide which root number is closest to it or guess and check to find the number that cubes to it. like the cube root of 27 would be 3. 3 to the power 3 = 27. There is no formula for calculating roots of numbers. It is done by a series of approximations. x^(1/3) = exp (ln (x)/3)

How do you find the volume of a perfect cube?

Any side length cubed. For example if a cube is 2 in by 2in by 2in then you would do 2 cubed, or 8 cubic inches

Shell program to find the sum of cube of individual digits of a number?

Shell problems are programs that can be run to find out information about numbers. The problem can help find an even or odd number, or what the sum of a cube is.

What is the length of a side of a cube with volume of 216 in?

The idea is to find a number which, when cubed, gives you 216. This can quickly be found with trial and error, since 216 happens to be a perfect cube.

How do you find the cube root of something?

There is a formula for the solution to a general cubic equation. I don't know it, but it's immensely complicated. Taking the cube root is the same thing as raising it to the one-third power. In English, it basically asks, "What can I multiply by itself twice to get this?" Perfect cubes you can generally find by trial and error, or if you have an awesome calculator or access to a computer you can find them, and non-perfect cube roots, that way.

How do you find arithmetic mean between two numbers?

Add the two numbers and divide by two, or find the number which is halfway between the two numbers.

Find a number with a square root between each of the number?

Cube root.

What cubed equals 27?

Just try to cube some small numbers. You should quickly find the answer.

How do you find a perfect square number between 30 and 40?

sqrt(30)= 5.5 approx sqrt(40) = 6.3 approx The integer 6 is between the square roots. So the square of 6, which is a perfect square, will be between the two original numbers. So answer is 62 = 36.

How do you find the side length of a cube with the volume of a cube 2744?

Find the cube root of 2744.

How do you find irrational numbers between 0 and 1?

the numbers between 0 and 1 is 0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4,0.5,0.6,0.7,0.8,0.9,0.10.

Make a C programming that displays the first four perfect numbers?

create a program that iterates until it finds a perfect number, then store that perfect number into an array. Continue iterating until you find three more. Then, you have an array of four perfect numbers.

How do you find the sum of all perfect squares between 5 and 30?

Here is a procedure that would do the job nicely: -- Make a list of all the perfect squares between 5 and 30. (Hint: They are 9, 16, 25, 36, and 49.) -- Find the sum by writing the numbers in a column and adding up the column.

One numbers 3 times another numberthe difference between the numbers 10 Find the numberswhat are answer?

One numbers 3 times another number.the difference between the numbers 10. Find the numbers.

How can you find the side of a cube using a cube root?

The cube root is the side of a cube.

Divide the number 8748 by the smallest number so that the quotient is a perfect cubealso find the cube root of the quotient?

Do the prime factoring. Then you will quickly see what cubes you can get.