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To divide by a fraction, multiply by the fraction's reciprocal.

2/3 divided by 3/4 = 2/3 times 4/3 = 8/9

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Q: How do you find the quotient between fractions?
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When you divide fractions with same denominator can you find the quotient by dividing the numerators?

Yes, you can.

How are fractions and quotients related?

Fractions are form of a division problem and a quotient is an aswer to one. So a fractions mixed number is a quotient

How do you find the average fraction of a set of fractions?

First add all the fractions together. Then, divide this sum by the total number of fractions that were in the set. This quotient is your average fraction.

What is the difference between fractions and ratio?

Fraction is an expression that indicates the quotient of two quantities such as 1/3 Ratio a relationship between quantities normally expressed as the quotient of one value divided by the other

Fraction divided to quotient?

fractions divided to quotient

How would you find the quotient of 2 over 3and 3 over 4?

The quotient of 2/3 is simply 2/3 and the quotient of 3/4 is 3/4 since they are fractions in the most reduced form.

What does quotient mean for math dividing in fractions?

In division, the quotient means the answer, the sum, difference, or product.

How does remaining fractions help you find distances between fractions?

it helps you find the distance between fractions beacause the new name should be an equivalent fraction

What is the answer to divide two fraction?

The quotient of the two fractions.

The quotient of two proper fractions is a proper fraction?


Find two positive fractions with a quotient of five sixth?

1/3 x 5/2 = 5/6

Why is the quotient of two fractions less than 1 greater than both?

It need not be. The numbers 1/2 and (-1/2) are both fractions less than 1 but their quotient is -1, which is less than both the fractions.