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In general, it is not possible to tell.

For example, suppose the 5 given numbers are 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10

and suppose that the median is 5.

The sixth number could have any value less than or equal to 4.

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Q: How do you find the sixth number given the median and the five numbers?
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What are the mean median and modes?

Mean is when you add up al the numbers then divide the sum by how many numbers there are. Median is the middle number put in order from least to greatest. Mode is the number that appears most often. By the way, I'm in sixth grade:)

What is the median of 41 23 17 47 25 34 23?

25. you put all of the numbers in order from least to greatest, then cross off the first then last then the second then the sixth and so on until you have one number in the middle. if there are two numbers, in this case there are not, but if there were two you would divide the lower number by the higher number and that would be your median. remember, median means middle. Good Luck on the math! :)

How do you calculate median?

You don't really calculate it, the median is the middle number.But it has to be in order first before you find it.Say you have a set of data like this;5,8,4,3,6,8,9,2,6,4,3,7First you put in order.2,3,3,4,4,5,6,6,7,8,8,9Next you divide the number of data by two.12/2= 6So your sixth number would be the median, but as it's a even number it is the sixth and seventh number.So the answer would be 5.5(the middle value)

Is the sixth tallest in his class and he is also the sixth shortest in his class?

From the given information, one can infer that the subject is in a class of 11 people. In addition, he has the median height among all students in his class.

What is pattern in abundant numbers?

Every sixth number for 12 and more will be an abundant number

Is 66 a cardinal number?

Yes - cardinal numbers are the counting numbers. This is as distinct from ordinal numbers - the corresponding ordinal number for 66 is sixty-sixth.

You are a prime number you are the sum of the fifth sixth seventh eighth and ninth prime numbers what number are you?


What is the range of atomic numbers of the element in the sixth period?

From atomic number 55 to 86

What is the next number in the sequence 2 5 11 20 32?

Given ANY number is it easy to find a polynomial of order 5 that will fit the five given numbers and the selected sixth. However, the simplest polynomial to fit the above numbers is Un = (3n2 - 3n + 4)/2 for n = 1, 2, 3, ... Accordingly, the next number is 47.

What is the product of the fourth and sixth prime numbers?

The product of the fourth and sixth prime numbers is 91.

How can sixth triangular number be 21?

Because it is ! The first 10 triangular numbers are... 1,3,6,10,15,21,28,36,45 & 55

In numbers what does one sixth equal to?

one sixth equal to

What is the sixth triangular number?

Triangular numbers are numbers that are formed from the sum 1+2+3+4... The equation for the nth triangle number is (n2+n)/2 In this case, we want the sixth triangle number, so feed this into the equation: (62+6)/2 =(36+6)/2 =42/2 =21 Thus the sixth triangle number is 21.

Which numbers are square numbers and also cube numbers?

Sixth powers.

What is the sixth perfect number?

The sixth perfect number is 8,589,869,056.

What is the nth term rule of 11 20 29 38 47?

There are infinitely many possible answers. Given ANY number, it is always possible to find a polynomial of order 5 [at most] that can be used as the nth term rule for the given five number and the additional sixth. There are also non-polynomial solutions. Each different sixth number will result in a different polynomial and, since there are infinitely many sixth numbers, there are infinitely many answers to the question. Having said that, the simplest polynomial solution is Un = 9n - 2

What is the ordinal number for sixth?

sixth is an ordinal number already. six is the related cardinal number.

What is name for this ordinal number sixth?

Sixth = 6th

If the average of 5 numbers is 86 what is the sixth number if the average drops to 84?

If the average of 5 numbers is 86, then their sum is 430.If the average of 6 numbers is 84, then their sum is 504.The sum grew by (504 - 430) = 74, so that was the 6th number.

How many consecutive numbers do you need to guarantee that one of the numbers is divisible by 6?

Every sixth number will be a multiple of 6, so you need at least six consecutive numbers to guarantee that one of them will be divisible by 6.

What is the origin of the name June given to the sixth calendar month?

The origin of the name June given to the sixth calendar month comes from the Roman goddess Juno.

How do you spell sixth?

That is the correct spelling of "sixth" (the ordinal number 6th).

What are the combinations for a six digit code?

There are 1,000,000 ways of writing out a six digit number, if you are starting with 000000 and ending with 999999. You are taking the number of possible numbers in the first position (10) and multiplying it by the number of possible numbers in the second position (again, 10), and continuing on till the sixth position. In other words, 10 to the sixth. With 10 representing the number of possible numbers (0 through 9) and six being the number of digits in number code. If it is an alphanumeric code, then you would take the 26 letters plus the 10 numbers to get 36, and take that to the 6th power. Substantially greater.

Car has a VIN number with only 13 numbers how do you search this?

The sixth digit will tell the year, 5th digit will tell you the engine size.

What is the next number in the series-3-14-39-84-155?

Given any number it is easy to find a polynomial rule of order 5 such that the first five numbers are as listed in the question and the sixth is the given number. That is, I can find a rule so that any number can be the "next" in the sequence.The simplest solution, using a cubic equation isUn = n3 + n2 + n for n =1, 2, 3, ...Accordingly, the next term is 258.