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The average of a group of numbers is equal to the sum of the numbers divided by the number of numbers. If you want to find the sum of the five numbers, just multiply 790.6 by 5 to get the sum, which is 3953

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Q: How do you find the sum of five numbers if the average of the five numbers is 790.6?
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Average of 3 numbers using array?

write a programto enter five numbers through keyboard and find average of then using array.

When the pachymeter give you five numbers how do you get the average of these numbers?

I don't know what a pachymeter is. But here's how to get the average of any five numbers, no matter where they came from: -- Add up all five numbers. -- Divide the sum by 5 . The quotient is the average of the five numbers.

What five consecutive numbers make 115?

You have five numbers that add up to 115. What is the average value of those five numbers? Now, how do you choose five consecutive numbers that have that average value?

What are the five numbers if the average of five consecutive odd numbers is 745?


How do you find the average of 5 numbers using static method in java?

Add the five numbers; divide the result by 5.

What is the average of the first five composite numbers?


What is the average of the numbers 6 5 7 8 8?

I got 6.8 by adding the five numbers and dividing by five.

How do you find the mean of five different numbers?

Add the five numbers together and then divide that number by 5

Using group of numbers to find the average?

you take the group of numbers, add them ALL up, then you divide it by the number of numbers. example:1) Find the average:3, 7, 5, 9, 8.22) 3+7+5+9+8.2= 32.23) 32.2 divided by 5 (because there are five numbers)4) the answer is 6.44

What is the average of first five prime numbers?

average of first five prime numbers = 5.6 first five prime numbers = 2, 3, 5, 7, 11average = sum of first prime numbers/5= (2 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 11)/5= 28/5= 5.6

What is a design a flow chart that will compute the average of 5 numbers?

A flow chart is a diagram that represents the steps to finding a solution to a problem. To find the average of five numbers, all five must be added together, then the end number must be divided by 5. The flow chart will show these steps in boxes.

How can you form a program of finding the average of five numbers?

to find the average (a.k.a mean) of any set of numbers you add all of the numbers up, then divide by however many numbers there are. for ex: 2,7,5,9,4 1st step: 2+7+5+9+2= 25 2nd step: 25 divided by 5= 5 average equals=5

What is the sum of five square numbers?

The answer will depend on which five square numbers!The answer will depend on which five square numbers!The answer will depend on which five square numbers!The answer will depend on which five square numbers!

Average of a set of number?

Just add all the numbers, then divide by the size of the set. For example, if you have a set of five numbers, add all of them, then divide the result by five.

The sum of 5 numbers is 200 what is the average of the numbers?

The average of five numbers whose sum is 200 will always be 40, no matter which numbers you choose. When finding an average, you add up the numbers (find the sum of the set), then divide by the number of terms. In this case, the sum will always be 200, and there will always be five terms. This will always result in an average of 40. Ex/ 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 190 = 200 200 / 5 = 40 40 + 40 + 80 + 24 + 16 = 200 200 / 5 = 40

The average of 5 numbers is 82 The average of 4 of the numbers is 80 what is the fifth numbers?

Average of five numbers is 82 so their sum is 82*5 = 410. Average of four of them is 80, so their sum is 80*4 = 320. So the fifth number is 410 - 320 = 90.

Is an average of a set of numbers the same as the average of the averages of the subsets of numbers?

No, it is not. Example: the average of (5 and 7) is 6, and the average of (50, 60 and 70) is 60, but if we add all five numbers we have 192, so the overall average is 192 divided by 5 = 38.4 and the reason for that is we have more and bigger numbers in the second set.

What is mean in math and how do you solve it?

The mean is the average. For example, 4, 5, and 6. To find the mean..... add the numbers together and then divide by the total amount of numbers. 4+5+6= 15 and 15/3 = 5. So the mean or average is equal to five.

How do you found the average?

Add the series of data together to get a total - then divide that by the number of pieces of data. For example - say you wanted to find the average for the numbers 12, 8, 32, 19 & 20. Add them together, and you get 91. Then 91 divided by 5 (there are five numbers) is 18.2

What is the average of these numbers 6 12 10 4 3?

(6 + 12 + 10 + 4 + 3) ÷ 5 = 7 Therefore, 7 is the average of the five numbers given in the question.

What is the arithmetic mean of the sum of the first five prime numbers and the sum of the cubes of the first three prime numbers?

The sum of the first five prime numbers is 28. The sum of the cubes of the first three prime numbers is 160. The average of 28 and 160 is 94.

Can a mean average ever be higher than a median average?

Yes. If the predominant data are higher than the median, the mean average will be higher than the median average. For example, the median average of the numbers one through ten is five. The mean average is five and one-half.

What are the first five whole numbers?

The first five whole numbers are: 01234. The first five natural numbers are: 12345.

What is the last five multiples of 9?

You will never find this out because numbers go on and on (infinite)

How do you work out the average of numbers?

You add the numbers together and divide by the number of numbers. So, 2+4+6+8 totals 20. Divided by four gives you five.