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First, you must determine the RULE or what you will move your point on the Y axis or X axis. For example, lets say I have a triangle at A, B, and C.


B( 3,2)


Go ahead and graph those points on graph paper.

Next, look for a rule such as "translate the figure 2 units to the right and four units down. " That is how you find your rule.

If you are moving right on the x axis, add. If left, subtract.

If up on the Y axis, add. If down, subtract.

Now, use your rule to change all of your coordinates. (x+2, y-4)

x, y

A( 3,4) ---- A' (5, 0)

B(3,2)------B' (5, -2)

C(6,2)------C' (8, 0)

Now, graph your new coordinates and see if it looks right. Hope this answers your question!

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Q: How do you find the translation on a coordinate plane?
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What does it mean to describe a plot on a coordinate plane?

It means to put the coordinates you were given on the coordinate plane. Ex. (-3,2) you find it the on the coordinate plane and then you plot it or graph it

What is a coordinate plane that has no breaks in it?

A coordinate plane! If it has one or more breaks in it is not a coordinate plane but only a part of one.

What changes the position or orientation of a figure on a coordinate plane?

This is a transformation which could be a rotation, translation or reflection.

Is a coordinate graph the same as a coordinate plane?

no, coordinate graph is a graph made on a coordinate plane i.e xy-plane

Which transformation moves every point of a figure the same distance and in the same direction on a coordinate plane.?

A translation.

This means to move a graph vertically andor horizontally around the coordinate plane.?

translation of graphs , try that :)

Why is the coordinate plane called the Cartesian plane?

The coordinate plane is sometimes call the Cartesian plane because Rene Descartes is often credited with inventing the coordinate plane and so the coordinate plane is sometimes called the Cartesian plane,in his honor.

What is a sentence for coordinate plane?

A coordinate plane for 6 is -4,4

What is the other name for coordinate plane?

The Rectangular Coordinate Plane

How do you map a coordinate plane?

the coordinate plane is a map of points

Other names for coordinate plane?

another name for a coordinate plane is Cartesian plane.

How do you graph a point on the coordinate plane?

well, you find the two cooridinates on the plane and then graph them! KINDA EASY!