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It means to put the coordinates you were given on the coordinate plane.

Ex. (-3,2) you find it the on the coordinate plane and then you plot it or graph it

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Q: What does it mean to describe a plot on a coordinate plane?
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What does linear plot mean?

A straight line graph (on the cartesian or coordinate plane).

How would you plot the points on a coordinate plane?

putting a dot

How would you plot the point(-810)on a coordinate plane?

putting a dot

What sentence can you make with the word plot?

"Please plot these coordinates on the coordinate plane class." I hope this sentence helps.

To draw or plot the Points named by certain numbers or ordered pairs on a number line or coordinate plane?

The answer is 'graph'

What set of directions correctly describes how to plot the point (6 2) on the coordinate plane?

It will move 6 units across the x axis then 2 units up parallel to the y axis on the coordinate plane.

Definition of coordinate pair?

A coordinate pair is a set of two coordinates that plot the location on a Cartesian plane. The pair consists of the x-axis location followed by the y-axis location.

How do you calculate cartesian coordinate system?

cartesian coordinate isn't a system. the graphs you put on the cartesian coordinate plane can be systems. these graphs can be anything you want them to be. and they are calculate different every time. the thing to remember about cartesian coordinate planes is the you plot the points of (x,y)

What would the world be without coordinate plane?

Without a coordinate plane, it would be challenging to accurately plot and locate points on a graph, navigate using maps and GPS systems, and understand mathematical relationships and equations using graphical representations. The coordinate plane provides a fundamental framework for spatial understanding and mathematical analysis, making it indispensable in various fields such as science, engineering, and design.

What is a coordinate plot?

A coordinate is a dot that you put on an angle to determine it

How do you answer a coordinate plane?

plot the points (2,-2),(3,4),(-1,2),and (-2,-4) on the coodinate plane. connect the points, in order, to form a polygon. what kind of polygon is formed? be as specific as possible.

What is the difference between plotting (2 3) and (3 2) on a coordinate plane?

Plot the two points, and you'll see that they are not the same point. Remember that the first number is for the first coordinate (usually to the right), and the second number is for the second coordinate (usually upwards).