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  1. well, you find the two cooridinates on the plane and then graph them! KINDA EASY!
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Q: How do you graph a point on the coordinate plane?
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Is a coordinate graph the same as a coordinate plane?

no, coordinate graph is a graph made on a coordinate plane i.e xy-plane

What is each individual point called in a graph?

It is a coordinate of x and y on the coordinate plane

What is an outlier on a graph?

A point on a graph that is not on the line or set of lines on a coordinate plane.

What does Graph on a coordinate plane mean?

Graphing a line on the coordinate plane is the two-dimensional equivalent to marking a point on a number line. It just means to graph your line with respect to the x and y axes.

What does (00) mean in a graph?

On the Cartesian plane it is at point of origin whose coordinate is (0, 0)

What is an example of an x -intercept?

An x-intercept is the point where a function intersects the x-axis on a Cartesian coordinate plane. For example, if the graph of a parabola is plotted and the graph intersects the x-axis on the coordinate plane, the point(s) where the graph intersects the x-axis are the x-intercepts for that function.

What is A line graph in the coordinate plane that has no breaks in it is called?

A continuous graph ?

What is used to locate a point on the coordinate plane?

What is used to locate a point in a coordinate plane

What is a line graph in the coordinate plane that has no breaks in it?

It is a continuous line graph.

What does it mean to describe a plot on a coordinate plane?

It means to put the coordinates you were given on the coordinate plane. Ex. (-3,2) you find it the on the coordinate plane and then you plot it or graph it

Why do you use coordinate plane?

To graph points on a graph, typically for Algebra or Geometry. :)

A dot at the point that corresponds to an ordered pair on a coordinate plane?

It is called a graph. Graphs consist of many such points.

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