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Depends on what is wrong with it. Can be a bad thermostat, or a broken or loose wire. Can also be the element is broken.

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Q: How do you fix an electric baseboard heater?
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Can an electric baseboard heater be installed under a towel rack in a bathroom?

Yes, an electric baseboard heater can be installed under a towel rack in a bathroom.

Where can one look for different electric baseboard heaters?

I am renewing my heater system because it is old. Where can I get more information on electric baseboard heaters?

Wiring diagram electric baseboard heater?

Yes, the heater is a 240/120 heater, but I want to operate as 120 volt

Which energy transfers are used in the electric coil of a baseboard heater?

Conduction and Radiation - NOVANET

Which energy transfers are used in electric coil of a baseboard heater?

Conduction and Radiation - NOVANET

Can you plug baseboard heater in 120v?

If it is a 240 volt baseboard heater then the answer is no.

How many watts of electric does a 10' baseboard heater use?

A rule of thumb is 250 watts per linear foot. The ten foot baseboard heater probably has a rating of 2500 watts.

Electric baseboard heater wont turn off?

Check the thermostat; the contacts may be damaged.

Baseboard Heater?

form_title= Baseboard Heater form_header= Keep warm with a baseboard heater. Do you need to replace a broken heater?*= () Yes () No What is the square footage of your home?*= _ [50] What is your budget for a heater?*= _ [50]

What is the most energy efficient electric heater?

The Fahrenheat Electric 5120 BTU Baseboard Heater is very energy efficient. Because of its "baseboard" design, it is not necessary to use a powerful to disperse the heat. It uses natural radiance, which saves on electricity costs.

What makes an electric baseboard heater tick?

The expansion and contraction of the heating element when the unit turns off and on. If you have ultra fine hearing and the thermostat is part of the baseboard heater it will be the bi-metal element in the thermostat.

What is the lowest price for a baseboard heater?

The price of a baseboard heater is going to depend on the brand and length of the heater you are going to buy. You can get one for as little as $27 for a 30 4ft. baseboard.

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