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Because: (9-x)(9-x) = 81-18x+x^2

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Q: How do you get 81-18x plus xsquared from (9-x)squared?
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What is the situation for xsquared plus 2x plus 1?


What is Xsquared plus 5x plus 4 factorised?

(x + 4)(x + 1)

Simplify fully xsquared -16 3xsquared plus 10x -8?

The value of X after simplifying fully xsquared -16 3xsquared plus 10x -8 is either 2 or 4.

What is xsquared - xsquared?

zero =)

Xsquared plus 13x plus 36 Factor completely?

(x + 9)(x + 4)

What is the square rootof xsquared plus 2 xy plus y squared?


Write down the minimum value of xsquared - 8x plus 23?


Xsquared equals 5x plus 14?

(x - 7)(x + 2)

What is the square root of 9xsquared?

It is: 3x

Simplify 5xsquared plus 14x 3 xsquared 9?

It is: 2xsquared+14x-9

Y equals xsquared plus 2x-3?


Multiply x plus 3 times x-5?


What is Xsquared equals -8x plus 15 using the quadratic formula?

X= 1.567764363, -9.567764363

What is xsquared-4x plus 3 in standard from?

x2 - 4x + 3 is already in standard form.

Is y equals x-xsquared plus 3 quadratic or linear?

Quadratic - the degree is two.

What is 5 plus five?

5+5=57k+xsquared divided by the cubed root of 76.348206 repeating.

How do you graph y equals x squared -4x plus 2?


How do you factor xsquared plus 50x-484?

It is: (x+58.301651611)(x-8.301651611) with the help of the quadratic equation formula

Solve xsquared - 6x plus 8 equals 0?

(x-2)(x-4) x=2,4 ans

What is the GCF and LCM of 9xsquared y and 36xycubed?

The GCF is 9xyThe LCM is 36x2y3

How do you factor xsquared plus 2x-3?

find factors of -3 (3 & -1 ) also add together to get 2 (for the 2x part) put x on both sides (x+3) (x-1) << because xsquared means x times x check it 3 times -1 = -3 3 times x = 3x -1 times x = -1x x times x = xsquared = xsquared + 2x -3 hope this helped =)

What is the area bounded by the graphs of fx and gx where fx equals xcubed and gx equals 2x-xsquared?


How do you factor 9x squared-4?

it is a combination of perfect squares the square of 9x is squared is +/- 3x, and the square of 4 is +/- 2 so the answer is (3x+2)(3x-2) which is 9xsquared-6x+6x-4 =9xsquared-4

Xsquared 2 plus 7x plus 12 equals 0?

x2+7x+12=0usually this means to factor the equation.factored this equation would be...(x+3)(x+4)

What does xsquared equal?

x times x