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888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 1000

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Q: How do you get 8 8s to get to 1000 only using plus?
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Can you make 1000 using only eight 8s?


How can you add eight 8s to get the number 1000 as the total?


How do you add 8 8s to get 1000?

I only need seven 8's to get to 100 88 + 88/8 + 8/8 = 100 888/8 - 88/8 = 100

Can you combine eight 8s with mathematical symbols except numbers to represent exactly 1000?

888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 1000

-4s plus 24-8s plus 16?

The simplified expression is 40 - 12s

What is the factor of the monomial 16s squared plus 8s plus 1?

(4s + 1)(4s + 1) or (4s + 1)2

How do you write 1000 with eight 8s?

First of all line all your eights' up. Heres the answer: 888+88+8+8+8= 1000!

Balance the following H2S plus Cl2 equals S8 plus HCl?

8H2S + 8Cl2 -------> S8 + 16HCl. Not happy about that "S8", should it just be "8S"?

How many 8s in 400?

There are 50 8s in 400

What is a spectacular telephone number?

In Hong Kong, the only number would be 8s. In Hong Kong numerology "8" = money so a phone number with all 8s = megamoney

What is 8s on a ss?

8s on a ss means 8sides on a stop sign

What is an fact about the element meitnerium?

278Mt is the most stable isotope and only has a half life of 8s!

Solve the following equation for s 8s equals p?


How many 8s in 560?

There are 70 8s in 560

.625 equals what fraction?

0.635 is 625/1000. In lowest term, it is 5/8. 1/8 is 0.125, so 5 more 1/8s is 5/8 or 0.625.

How many 8 ines are in 120?

Not sure what "ines" are. But there are 15 8s in 120.Not sure what "ines" are. But there are 15 8s in 120.Not sure what "ines" are. But there are 15 8s in 120.Not sure what "ines" are. But there are 15 8s in 120.

What is a factor pair that have a product between 3000 and 5000 using 4s 5s 6s and 8s?

45 x 68 = 3060

How do you get the sum of 8 using four 8s?

8 + 8*(8-8) = 8 + 8*0 = 8 + 0 = 8

Can you expand your memory on a HTC 8S using an SD card?

The HTC 8S has a micro SD slot - which supports up to 32GB cards. Ebay has thousands of them... starting at just 10p for auction items, or £3.77 for 'buy it now'. See related link.

Solve for s 6s plus 2s equals 72?

6s+2s=72 combine like terms 6s+2s=8s set equal to 72 8s=72 divide both sides by 8 to solve for "s". 8s=72 8 8 your answer is s= 72/8 which is 9.

How do you factor this problem 384s2-150?

384s2 - 150 = 6*(64s2 - 25) The term inside the brackets is a difference of two squares, so 6*(8s - 5)*(8s + 5)

What is the quotient of 14s 2d 7-6s 4d 5 plus 8s 2d 3 divided by 2s 2 d?

14s 2d 7 - 6s 4d 5 + 8s 2d 3/2s 2d = 14s 7 - 3s 2s 5 + 4s 3

How many 8s are there in 64?

64 = 8 x 8 !

How can you unlock your htc windows phone 8s if you forgot your password?

The only way to unlock your HTC 8s Windows Phone if the password is forgotten is to do a hard reset to factory settings. Doing a hard reset will wipe the device clean losing all stored data.

-5(-8s-3) plus 2(5s plus 4)?

Following order of operations, multiplication happens first and addition happens second. -5(-8s-3)+2(5s+4) =40s+15+10s+8 =50s+23 50s+23 cannot be added as they are not like terms. Like terms need to have the same variables.