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you dont lol just kidding

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Q: How do you interpret a remainder?
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What does interpret the remainder mean?

dont no

How do you interpret the remainder?

you can drop the remainder and you can use the remainder as your quotient or you can add one too the quoitient.

How much does 9 go into 75 and how can you interpret the remainder?

75 ÷ 9 = 8 with remainder 3

What are 3 ways you can interpret a remainder?

Divide mutiply and add

What does interpret with remainder mean?

Done the calculation (get the answer) and also show the remainder (don't round up or down).

How do you interpret the remainder to a fraction?

The remainder divided by the divisor is the fraction. For example 12 divided by 7 is 1 with remainder of 5; the remainder fraction is 5/7 so answer is 1 and 5/7

How can I interpret the remainder?

When you divide one number by another, you will have a quotient which represents the number of times the divisor into the dividend and the remainder represents what proportion of the divisor is left over.

How do you use 'interpret' in a sentence?

I can interpret this passage. Would you interpret that answer for me?

What is 544 divided by 8 with remainder?


How do you interpret z-test result?

interpret it by letters...........

How can you interpret the constitution?

Yes, you can interpret it 2 ways.

What is a sentence with the word interpret?

I can interpret the meaning of this poem.

Use interpret in a sentence?

u have to interpret youranswer

What is the present tense of the word interpret?

Interpret, or Interprets.

Is a remainder of 0 the same as no remainder?

Yes because there is no legit remainder. If you do 4 divided by 2 you get 2 with a 0 remainder or no remainder.

How do you put the word interpret in a sentence?

Thomas will interpret the clues.

Whose task is to interpret the law?

Judiciary, they interpret law

When was Interpret Scotland created?

Interpret Scotland was created in 1997.

Where is the stress in the word interpret?

The stress in the word "interpret" is on the "ter".

What is 54 divided by 4 and the reminders?


What is an synonym for interpret?

With regard to languages, "translate" has a similar meaning to "interpret."

How do you use the word interpret in a sentence?

I am unable to interpret your hand signals.

What does interpret mean in science?

Interpret means to translate, explain, or illuminate.

How do you put interpret in a sentence?

It was hard for him to interpret the document because it was in hieroglyphics.

A sentence for interpret?

Please don't interpret the news, just report it!