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Depends on the test. Look and see if there is scale or key.

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Q: How do you know what your scores mean on the placement test?
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Did you have to take a career placement test?

The taking of a career placement test is an excellent way to aide yourself in determining what sort of job is a good choice for you. Scores from such a test will help you to determine your areas of interest and areas in which you have ability at.

How do you get better scores on the Test?

To get better scores on the Test you must better know the material on the test prior to taking it.

How do you prepare for placement test of esl?

i don't know how to pass a test

How can you find out your pert test results?

If this question relates to the Florida PERT placement test then you will be given a print-out with three scores for Math, English and Reading upon completion of the test.

Is the mean median and mode a good way to describe test scores?

yes it is a good way to describe test scores answer

What is the mean of depression test scores on monday?


Can a career placement test benefit people well into adulthood?

A placement test can be good for people unsure of which career they want exactly, but if you know what you want to do, then apply in that field and there is no need to take a test.

What is the sum of four test scores if the mean is 90?


What is the mean of the following test scores 2 2 3 4 9?

4 The formula is sum of scores divided by number of scores.

Test scores have a mean of 100 and a standard diviation of 20 what is the relative frequency of scores under 120?

Approx 84%.

How does recess affect test scores?

recess does improve test scores.

What Is The Mean In Mathematics Form?

The mean is the average of all numbers. Just like getting the average of your test scores.