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Q: How do you make 27 from 1 3 4 9 using each number once and only addition multiplication and division?
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What perform a possible math operation?

By using division, multiplication, addition or subtraction

How do you set up three digit numbers problems?

Using division or multiplication or addition??

If polynomial is not any number then how will you define a polynomial?

An expression made with constants, variables and exponents, which are combined using addition, subtraction and multiplication, ... but not division.

How do you learn division?

by using multiplication backwards Division is the opposite of multiplication. It is the equivalent of when you diminish a number by multiplying it by a fraction or a decimal.

Select any irrational number and turn it into a rational number by using addition subtraction multiplication division or exponentiation?

Other than multiplication by 0 or by its own reciprocal, it if often not possible. Try it with pi, if you think otherwise.

How can 5 5 6 6 make 8 using addition subtraction multiplication and division?


How do you get 4 when using four 2s in addition subtraction division or multiplication?

(2 + 2)*2/2 = 4

How does 3 2 1 equal 9 when using parentheses addition division or multiplication?

3 * (2 + 1) = 9

How do you solve inequalities using addition subtraction multiplication and division.?

In the same wasy as you solve equations except that if you multiply or divide both sides by a negative number, then the inequality changes direction.

What is the order of precedence?

Exponentiation first, multiplication and division second, addition and subtraction last unless the order is altered by using parenthesis.

How do you get three fives to equal six using only addition subtraction multiplication and division?

5 divided by 5, plus 5

What are arithmetic expressions?

It is a collection of numerical values along which are combined using arithmetic operations such as powers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.