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A quarter, a dime and 13 nickels.

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Q: How do you make a dollar with fifteen coins?
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What 16 coins equal a dollar?

One quarter and fifteen nickels equal a dollar.

How many 50p coins make 7.50?

Fifteen 50p coins.

What 25 coins make a dollar?

3 dollar 3 coins

How Can you make twenty five cents with fifteen coins how?

You can't

How can 20 coins make a dollar?

20 5 cents coins

How do you make fifteen pence with 8 coins?

7 x 2 Pence coins and 1 x Penny.

What 15 coins make a dollar?

5 dimes and 10 nickels make 1 dollar.

What 10 coins use to make dollar?

10 x 10c coins

Do they make 50 dollar coins?

Not in the US.

What five coins make a dollar?

5*20 cents (Australian) make a dollar. In US and Canadian coins, a 50 cent piece, a quarter, two dimes, and a nickel also make a dollar.

If a man has 1.15 in six coins but can not make change for a dollar half dollar quarter dime or nickel what coins does he have?

half dollar, quarter four dimes

How do you make a dollar of sixteen coins out of 3 different coins?

3 quarters+ 10 pennies+ 3 nickels= 1 dollar

Who sings trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cent?

Tupac in I get around.

How many ways possible to make a dollar with only fifteen US coins?

One way that you can make a dollar with fifteen coins isNine DimesOne NickelFive PenniesIf any other contributers have any other ideas, please add them to my answer!!! Thanks everyone!!! :D~ This Gal!!!! (:

How do you make a dollar with coins?

You can make a dollar with any sorts of combinations of coins. A dollar is 100 cents. So 4 quarters or 2 $.50 pieces or 10 dimes or 4 nickels +8 dimes.

How do you make one dollar with 50 coins?


How do you make a dollar into coins?

ask someone to swap.

What 25 coins will make change for a dollar?


What is a 1960 dollar coin worth?

The U.S. did not make any dollar coins with that date.

How many 10 cents coins make one dollar?

10 dimes make one dollar.

Most amount of coins you can have and still not make change for a dollar?

One half dollar, one quarter, four dimes and four pennies. It equals $1.19. You can not make change for exactly one dollar with those coins

Which coins make a dollar?

The answer will depend on which country's dollar: there are many countries that use the dollar as a currency and they have different coinage.

Were all dollar coins made in 1972?

No, there have been many US dollar coins struck before and after 1972. However, the US Mint did make a dollar coin in 1972 (it was the second year for the Eisenhower Dollar)

What is a 1905 one oz fine silver dollar worth?

The US mint did not make dollar coins in 1905.

A man has 1.15 made up of 6 American coins With these coins however he cannot make change of a dollar a half dollar a quarter a dime or a nickel Which six coins does he have?

One half dollar, 1 Quarter, 4 dimes

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