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multiply it by zero, or add its inverse {the negative of the number} Note that the inverse of a negative number is positive.

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Q: How do you make a number that is not zero become zero?
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You zero a number?

Did u mean how to make a number zero?. If so, then the answer is to make a number zero, it is needed to multiply the number with Zero .

What is the exponent of zero is?

no exponent can make a number equal to zero, however any number with an exponent of zero is one.

How do you round off a number if the number is zero before five Is it you retain the number or you increase by 1?

You increase the number by one i.e the zero will become a 1.

Can you get zero using exponents?

No. Even a number with an exponent of zero equals one. There is no way an exponent on a number will make it zero.

What power can you give to a number to make it 1?

any number to the zero power is 1 so the answer is zero.

How do you make a number as a rational number?

You put a zero at the end of a number

Does a zero have any value?

Yes, zero have a value because it can make the biggest number a zero by multiplying.

What is the prefix for the number zero?

If I were to make a numeral prefix for zero, it would be "no" as in: Nothing - zero things Nobody - zero

Is any number divided by zero equal to zero?

No. Any number TIMES zero is zero. Any number DIVIDED by zero is infinity You can show this easily. Take any number - say 100. Divide it by 10 and the answer is 10. Now make the number that you divide into the 100 smaller - say, 5. The answer is now larger - 20 Carry on making the number that you divide into 100 smaller and smaller like this: 100 divided by 1 is 100 100 divided by 0.1 is 1000 100 divided by 0.01 is 10,000 100 divided by 0.001 is 100,000 So as the number you divide into 100 gets smaller the answer gets larger and larger. So when the number you divide becomes zero, then the answer must become infinity.

What was the first number invented zero or digit?

Zero is itself a digit so the question does not really make sense. However, the non-zero digits are older than zero. For example, consider the Roman number system which had no zero.

Why zero a counting number?

You can make a zero with your fingers by not showing any. You can also call it "none." That was what it was called before zero resisted.

Why is the exponent zero on a number that is equal to zero?

The question doesn't make sense, because any nonzero number raised to the zero (0) power (exponent) will always equal one (1).

When does enthalpy become zero?

at absolute zero only, the enthalpy of any gas can become zero.

What is an improper fraction of 82?

It can be 82/1 or 164/2 or 246/3 or 328/5 and so on............Just multiply the numerator and denominator by the same number [any real number except zero(because it will become undefined{infinity} when a number other than zero is divided by zero).]

Who is first person who used number zero?

I'm in 5th grade so as far as i know it was the Aztec who invented the number zero to make their calenders correct.

What accomplishments did the Mayans make?

they developed the number zero when looking at you

Which number when added to a number gives a sum equal to a number?

zero + zero = zero

What is a number multiplied by zero?

A number multiplied by zero is zero.

What is an absolute value in a number?

It's the number's distance from zero on a number line. Basically just make the number positive and there you go.

How do you become size zero?

How do i become a size zero can someone give me advice?

Why zero is the ending of a number?

There is not always a zero at the end if the number. there is a zero if the number is divisible by five.

Name some properties of zero?

A number plus zero equals the original number. A number minus zero equals the original number. A number multiplied by zero equals zero. A number cannot be divided by zero. Zero is the only number that is neither positive nor negative. Zero represents the boundary between positive and negative numbers. Zero is the natural starting point on many scales, such as on thermometers. Zero is the common point of coordinate axes.

What is the product of a number and zero?

A number multiplied by zero equals zero.

What is the absolute value of a negative number?

The absolute value of a number is the distance it is away from zero or in other words, the number will become positive, but if it is already positive, will remain the same.

How do you make number zero with the numbers five eight and ten?

5/10 is a half. The bottom half of 8 is o - a zero!