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On a computer, there should be a letter X with the number 2 in the exponent position. It should look like this: x2

In writing, you just mark it near the top right hand corner of the number or variable.

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Q: How do you make a squared 2 sign?
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What is a square unit sign?

The exponent "2" as in a number squared, e.g. cm2 or in2

Does 3 squared equal 6?

No, three squared is nine. 3(squared sign) =3x3 =9

What is X squared mius nine over 2 x squared plus 6 x minus 9?

They are terms of an expression because without an equality sign it is not an equation.

What is a squared x b squared x c squared?

a^2b^2c^2 ^2 is squared

What is the symbol for squared?

The symbol for squared is ², for example, 2 squared would be 2².

Why do you have to put a cubed sign for surface area answers?

You don't. You put a cubed sign for volume, which surface area is not. Surface area gets a squared sign. The reason for THAT is to show it's a 2-dimensional measurement.

What is 2 squared plus 2 squared?

It is 8

-3 squared by 2?

-3 squared by 2

How much is -2 squared?

-2 squared is +4.

What a squared number?

The result of a number multiplied by itself

Can you make cosine squared X divided by2 equal to cosine squared x with some constant?

You could just pull out the half: it will be (1/2) cos squared x.

How do you make the at sign?

On The Right Of The ! Sign Hold SHIFT + 2 And There You GO @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@