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If the 2 triangles are right triangles, which are congruent to slicing the rectangle on the diagonal, then arrange one on top of the rectangle, and the other to the side, so that the two hypotenuses are in line with each other. This will make a bigger right triangle, which is similar to the smaller right triangles - each side is double of the smaller triangles.

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Q: How do you make a triangle with 2 triangles and 1 rectangle?
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How is the area triangle related to the area of a rectangle?

two right triangles = full rectangle That is - if you multiply height times base of a triangle, the area will be 1/2 of a rectangle having the same height, and a width the same as the triangle base.

How many triangles are in 1 triangles?

there are 27 triangles in a triangle

How many triangles does a triangle have?


How do you divide a triangle to make 2 triangles and 1 pentagon?

By cutting off two of its corners which will leave you with 2 triangles and 1 pentagon.

What are the shapes that make up the tangram?

2 small triangles 1 med. triangle 2 large triangles 1 parallelogram and a square

Why do you have to divide 2 when you are finding the area of a triangle?

Picture a square. now make a line connecting the two diagonal points. If bh is the volume of the rectangle, then we only have half a rectangle for each right triangle giving 1/2 *bh or bh/2. For any other traingle put the base parallel to the ground. Make a perpendicular line to the ground then you have two parts of a triangle divided at a vertex. Each of the these parts has a right angle. Make a second triangle of the same size and if you turn it into the two triangle fromt he first triangle and cut it apart, you can manipulate it to make a rectangle. The two triangles are a rectangle which is bh. divide by two to get one triangle so 1/2*bh or bh/2

What shape can you make using 1 medium triangle and 2 small triangles?

a BIG HUGE triangle i am in the 2ndgrade and i am 8 i am in glenarnden woods elem. in pgcps

How many rectangular pyramids can you make using these 5 shapes 4 triangles and 1 rectangle?

You can make 6

What three polygons are on the flag of the Bahamas?

1 triangle 1 pentagon and 2 trapezoids

How many triangles in an rectangular pyramid?

there are 4 triangles and 1 rectangle in an rectangular pyramid

How do you make 1 triangle 1 rectangle and 1 pentagon in a square?

To make a triangle fold it diagonally vertex to vertex To make a rectangle fold it side to side To make an irregular pentagon fold over one corner without touching the opposite corner

What is the ratio of squares to triangles in a triangle?

There are 2 triangles in a square so the ratio to square and triangle is 2 to 1

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