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a BIG HUGE triangle i am in the 2ndgrade and i am 8 i am in glenarnden woods elem. in pgcps

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Make a square use 1 médium triangle 1 parrallelogram 1 square 2 email triangles sketch your solution

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Q: What shape can you make using 1 medium triangle and 2 small triangles?
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How do you use a medium triangle and 2 small triangle to make a shape that has 2 lines of symmetry?

Simply assemble the triangles in to a rectangle.

What cannot be made by a medium triangle and 2 small triangles?

A circle, for sure.

How many triangles are in Sierpinski's triangle?

Well a Sierpinski Triangle is a triangle mad up of 69 small triangles.

How do you make an isosceles trapezoid with 6 tangram pieces?

Place the two large triangles next to each other so that their hypotenuses together make the long parallel side of the trapezoid. Place the medium triangle between the two large triangles with its hypotenuse along the edge of one of the large triangles. Place one of the small triangles between the medium triangle and the other large triangle with its hypotenuse along the edge of the medium triangle Place the square between the large triangle and the small triangle so that its edges are along side the small triangle and the large triangle. Finally place the parallelogram between the square and the medium triangle (toughing both) to finish the isosceles trapezoid. The seventh piece,. the final small triangle, which is not used, can be placed on top of the parallelogram (with its hypotenuse touching) to create a large triangle,. An Isosceles trapezoid can also be formed from all 7 pieces - take the large square formed by all the pieces except the two large triangles (as above if the large triangle is completed), and put the two large triangles on opposite sides to complete the isosceles trapezoid.

What shape does 2 large triangles plus 2 small triangles make?

The answer depends on the shapes and sizes of the triangles. I can make a big triangle, a quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, etc up to 12 sides.

What shape can you make with 2 small triangles?

the shape that can make two smaller triangles is parallelogram.

How many triangles in a triangle made up of 16 small triangles?

27, but you will have to prove it.

What fraction of the medium triangle is a small triangle?

It can be any fraction that you like.

How do you find the legs of a triangle?

Triangles don't have legs, legs implies the triangle's corners are perpendicular to a surface, this chnages the shape of the triangle into a origami shaped object like a small table, which can't exsist fully in 2D.

How do you form 8 triangles from 6 sticks?

Use three sticks to form a triangle. Use the other three sticks to form an inverted triangle and place it on top of the first. You will have two large triangles and six small ones - eight triangles in all. The shape is also known as the Star of David.

When I divide a large right triangle into two small right triangles will the hypothenuses of the two small triangles equal the hypothenuse of the large triangle?

No but the sum of the squared sides will equal the square of the hypotenuse using Pythagoras' theorem for a right angle triangle

How do you make five triangles out of nine toothpicks that are laid out in the form of three triangles by only moving three of the toothpicks?

Firstly, take out three toothpicks that form a triangle. You will be left with two triangles. Secondly, place all three toothpicks to form a triangle above the centre of the two triangles. Four small triangles and a large triangle will be formed, which makes them five triangles. Example: At first: /_\/_\/_\ Imagine that these are three triangles (nine toothpicks), with the sides joined. Secondly: /_\/_\ Imagine that you have taken away one triangle (three toothpicks). Thirdly: Place the three toothpicks to form a triangle above the two triangles. Imagine that the sides are joined. Four small triangles are formed. The four triangles make up a large triangle, which makes them five. /_\ /_\/_\

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