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Plot the first derivative of the velocity time graph.

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Q: How do you make an acceleration time graph from the data of a velocity time graph?
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How do you make an acceleration-time graph from the data of a velocity-time graph?

take the slope of every change in the velocity time graph and plot it

How do you make a velocity vs time graph from an acceleration vs time graph?

Your acceleration vs. Time graph is the slope of your velocity vs. time graph

What increment would be appropriate to make a graph of the data?

what incrament would ba a apppropriate to make a graph of the data

When can you have no acceleration?

To make acceleration equal zero. The velocity must be constant. For example, if velocity is constant at 10 m/s^2 its acceleration is zero. The same is true if velocity is 0 m/s^2.

Why make a velocity time graph?

Because its really fun :)

Do you need a data file to make a bar graph?

No but you do need a dataset or data range with which to to populate the graph.

Why is the acceleration of an object moving at a constant velocity always 0?

Acceleration is the change in velocity of an object. If an object is travelling at an unchanging speed, its speed is neither increasing (which would make a positive acceleration) nor decreasing (which would make a negative acceleration). Thus, the acceleration is 0.

Why is the slope of a distance velocity squared graph straight and a distance velocity graph is not?

When acceleration is constant, one equation of kinematics is: (final velocity)^2 = 2(acceleration)(displacement) + (initial velocity)^2. When you are graphing this equation with displacement or position of the x-axis and (final velocity)^2 on the y-axis, the equation becomes: y = 2(acceleration)x + (initial velocity)^2. Since acceleration is constant, and there is only one initial velocity (so initial velocity is also constant), the equation becomes: y = constant*x + constant. This looks strangely like the equation of a line: y = mx + b. Therefore, the slope of a velocity squared - distance graph is constant, or there is a straight line. Now, when you graph a velocity - distance graph, the y axis is only velocity, not velocity squared. So if: v^2 = mx + b. Then: v = sqrt(mx + b). Or: y = sqrt(mx + b). This equation is not a straight line. For example, pretend m = 1 and b = 0. So the equation simplifies to: y = sqrt(x). Now, make a table of values and graph: x | y 1 | 1 4 | 2 9 | 3 etc. When you plot these points, the result is clearly NOT a straight line. Hope this helps!

Is a data file needed to make a bar graph Explain?

Yes because you need the data on the right and across the bottom to make the graph

Can you make graphs from databases?

As long as you have your data in a data table and you know how to make a graph, yes.

How is decelaration represented on a velocity time graph?

just like direct proportionality and make negative slope in graph

What does a graph of data make easier to recognize and understand than a table of data?

you can visualize the graph better than the table. ---------------------------------------------------- A data can make A PATTERN much easier to recognize and understand.

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