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hyp~95# 34 £

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Q: How do you make numbers using four 5's?
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How to make 56 out of four 5s?

55 + 5/5

How can you write four 5s to represent 56?

To write four 5s and make them represent 56 you need to write 55 + 5/5. When worked out it becomes 55 + 1 (5/5=1) which equals 56.

How many digit 5s are there in all the numbers up to 155?

i think there are 18 digit 5s.

Can you make a target number 37 by using five 5s?

5!/(5+5) + (5*5)

How do you make the number 80 out of four 5s?

One possibility is 55 + 5*5 = 55 + 25 = 80

How do you get 33 using five 5s and any mathematical operations?

If: 5s = 33 Then: s = 33/5 = 6.6

Are all multiples of 10 and 12 multiples of 5?

NO besause 5s multiples are only numbers that end with 0 and 5s so no.....!!!

What are the numbers between 40 and 60 that are fives and tens odd and even?

Numbers, listed in 5s and 10s, between 40 and 60 but including both numbers are:4045505560Numbers, listed in 5s and 10s, between 40 and 60 but excluding both numbers are:455055

How do I fix my Phone my iPhone 6s Broke so I am currently using my old iPhone 5s. How can I get my phone plan back to my 5s from my 6s?

Go to your local Apple store to talk to them. You can make an online appointment with them to discuss this with them.

How do you get 80 using 4 number 5s?

4x5=20 20x4=80

How many four digit numbers can be formed using the digits 5 8 and 9 with one pair of adjacent fives and no other repeated digits?

For every pair of 5s, the other two digits can be filled in 2 × 1 = 2 different ways. There are 3 positions the pair of 5s can sit (first and second, second and third, or third and fourth digits) → there are 3 × 2 = 6 different possible numbers (which are: 5589, 5598, 8559, 9558, 8955, 9855)

How many 5s go into 80?

Ummmmm this did not help at all! never using this again!

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