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7 and 9 is 16. 16x2 is 32. 32-8 is 24.

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Q: How do you make twenty four using only the numbers 9 7 8 and 2?
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How do you make twenty-four using the numbers one and seven and three and three?

1 x ((7 x 3) + 3) = 24

How do you make the number twenty-four using 4 operations and these numbers negative 8 2 2 1?

8(22 - 1)

What two numbers add to make twenty and have a difference of four?

8 and 12

How do you make twenty four with these numbers nine five three two?


What numbers can you make using four 2's?


How do you make 25 with using the number once and using four numbers?


How do you make numbers using four 5's?

hyp~95# 34 £

How do you make the numbers 0 50 using only four 4s?

how do i make 17 using only 2 4 6 8

What four numbers make twenty-six?

jab khud ni aata to saalo ye site khol ke kyo baithe

How do you make twenty four using three fives and one?

5-1/5= 4 4/5 *5 = 24

Is it possible to make an expression which is equivalent to twenty using only three three's and any math operation?

No. You need at least four.

How do you make 200 by using four numbers between 1-9?

One possible answer is 194 + 6

What 4 numbers can be used in combinations or differences to make all numbers from 1 to 30?

Using only sums and differences, and not necessarily all four numbers, 1, 3, 9 and 27 will make all numbers from 0 to 40.

How do you make the numbers 0-50 only using four 3s?

You can't unless something is missing in your question.

How many four digit numbers can you make using the digits 2410?

3*3*2*1 = 18 of them.

How many whole numbers can you make using the first three whole numbers?

Using 1, 2, and 3, you can make 27 whole numbers.

How can you make the numbers using 4 numbers?


How do you make the numbers 0-100 using using only 4 4s?

Google "Four Fours" and you will find a number of solutions, presented more comprehensively than we can.

How many four digit numbers can you make using the digits 1234 and the 2 and 3 must be next to each other?

Twelve of them.

How to make three plus four equals seven using the numbers 0 - 9 for the letters?


Square root of 20?

There is no true answer to the square root of twenty, Because you can't multiply two of the same numbers to make twenty.

How do you make four with consecutive numbers?

You can't.

How many four digit numbers can you make using 0-9 only using each number once?


What is four ways to make 36 an answer without using the numbers three or six?

1x36, 2x13, 4x9, 20+13. That's a few of them.

What two numbers add up to make eleven and multiply together to make twenty eight?

4 and 7