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A cube is hardly an irregularly shaped object. Measuring it is the defining term of area and volume.

A cube is defined as having twelve sides, all lengths uniform, all angles right angles.

If the length of any side is 'a' then

area = 6*a*a

volume = a*a*a

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Q: How do you measure a irregular shaped solid like a cube?
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What is the unit used for measuring the volume of regular shaped solid object?

The unit for volume is the same, whether the shape is regular or irregular.

What is the difference between a regular-shaped solid and an irregular-shaped solid?

the difference between the an irregular and regular solids are that an irregular solid has sides that are not even and you cant measuer with a ruler and you can not measuer it exactly. a regular solid you can measure without a problem with a ruler.

A die is shaped like what solid?

Rectangular prism

What is a instrument used to measure a regular solid?

A regular (3D) solid could be a cube or cuboid, and a rigid plastic ruler (as used in a school) or tape measure could be used. A sphere could be measured by a flexible tape measure around it widest circumference, as used in tailoring. Nowadays, there are instruments that use a laser beam to measure regular and irregular 3D shapes.

What piece of scientific equipment is used to measure the volume of a cube regular shaped?

The answer depends on the size of the cube: it could be a micrometre, vernier callipers, a ruler, a tape measure.

How do you find the volume of a solid cubed shaped object?

-- Measure the length of any one edge. -- Multiply that number by itself. -- Multiply the result by the number again. -- The result is now the volume of the cube.

Is cube an irregular shape?


How do you find the density of a regular solid cube?

You measure its mass and volume and then density = mass/volume.

Which solid figures have 6 flat surfaces and 8 vertices?

A cube or cuboid have 6 flat surfaces and 8 vertices. (A cuboid means shaped like a cube - an example being a shoe box.)

Sodium chloride crystals can be cube shaped?

Yes, sodium chloride crystals can form cube-shaped structures due to the arrangement of sodium and chloride ions in a repeating pattern known as a face-centered cubic lattice. This cubic shape is a result of the strong ionic bonds between sodium and chlorine atoms in the crystal lattice.

What state of matter is a solid ice cube?

As the term solid ice cube suggests, it is a solid.

What shape is a cube is that right?

A cube is "cube" shaped like a square box.