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How do you measure distance using a trundle wheel?

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What does a trundle wheel measure?

it measures the length or distance

How can you measure distance and length?

Using a graduated ruler, a surveyors wheel or trundle wheel, or by using an optical (Tachymeter) or laser range finder are methods that may be used to find length or distance.

What is used to measure distance?

Meter stick,ruler. Trundle wheel and an odometer (in a car)

Who invented the trundle wheel?

Hugh Boyland invented the trundle wheel. The trundle wheel is used to measure long distances and was invented in the 1970's.

Can a trundle wheel measure miles?


What is a trundle wheel used for?

it is used to measure things

How do you measure 1 kilometer?

Use a trundle wheel or odometer

Can i use a trundle wheel to measure a basketball court?


What instrument measures the distance moved by an object?

You can use this tool called a trundle wheel. It's a wheel attached to a stick and after you walk a few steps, it tells you how much did you walk. Like if you wanted to find the distance from a dog to a cat you ue the trundle wheel and walk from the dog to the cat while the wheel rolls along the floor at all times and when you stop, the trundle wheel tells you approximately how far did you walk.

What instrument measures the distance between your house and the grocery store?

I would use a odometer or a trundle wheel

Which of these words start with the letter A - cult column graph measure horizontal vertical axis line sector pie chart length distance odometer trundle wheel height scale dimension width area volume?

A cult, a column, a graph, a measure, a horizontal, a vertical, a line, a sector, a pie, a chart, a length, a distance, a trundle, a wheel, a height, a scale, a dimension, a width, and a volume are all correct grammar. An axis, an odometer and an area are proper grammar.

What is a trundle wheel?

A trundle wheel is a small wheel or caster such as is found on the bottom of the legs of some beds and other furniture, and on the base of heavy appliances like refrigerators.

What is a measuring wheel called?

A small push-along measuring wheel is called a 'trundle' wheel.

What instrument measures a soccer field?

trundle wheel

What is a measuring wheel used for?

to measure distance

How is one kilometer measured?

A trundle wheel or an odometer could be used

The circumference of a trundle wheel is 1 meter how many times does the wheel turn in going 0.75km?


Is a meter stick longer than a trundle wheel?

No, a trundle wheel works because the wheel has a circumference of exactly 1 meter. This means that every time the wheel has turned around exactly once, you've traveled 1 meter. So, although the wheel is round, they have exactly the same size.

How the mathematicians will calculate the area and perimeter of the fields?

area = length x width perimeter = add up all the sides They use a trundle wheel to measure the sides

What is a wheel encoder?

Wheel encoders are devices that allow one to measure the precise speed or distance a wheel travels

What method can you use to find a car width?

tape measure The width of a car is normally measured using the term (Track). That is defined as the distance between the center of the wheel on the left and the center of the wheel on the right. That distance is the track but is not the total width of the vehicle. Like the above answer you can find that figure yourself with a tape measure.

What is the apparatus that used to measure length?

Depends on the context. You could use a ruler, a tape measure, vernier calipers, a trundle wheel, or a laser ranging device.A ruler is an example of an instrument that is used to measure the length of smaller objects (usually around a foot or smaller).

What does roulette mean in French?

noun roulettewheelcasterdrilltrundletruckle(from google translate)

What is the wheelbase for a 1987 short bed GMC?

measure the distance between the center of the front wheel to the center of the back wheel. this is your wheelbase

How did roman odometer measure distance?

In 15 BC Vitruvius mounted a wheel of a known circumference and mounted it. When it was pushed by hand it automatically dropped a rock into a container at each revolution giving a measure of distance.