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First convert them into improper fractions. And then to multiply multiply both the numerators and the denominators. To divide just take the reciprocal ofthe denomiator anjd then multiply them.

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Q: How do you multiply and divide mixed numbers?
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How do you divide fractions with mixed numbers?

You turn the mixed number into an improper fraction then multiply by the reciprocal.

How to multiply mixed numbers?

First change the mixed numbers into improper fractions by multiplying the denominator and the whole number and add the product to the numerator in the mixed numbers and then multiply the numerators and the denominators and divide the numerator by the denominator of the product.

How do divide mixed numbers?

Convert them to improper fractions, invert the second one and proceed to multiply.

Do you multiply when you do mixed numbers?

Change the mixed numbers into improper fractions. Multiply and then change back to a mixed number in reduced form as necessary.

What is the definition of divide?

to divide numbers which is the opposite of multiply

How is dividing mixed numbers like dividing fractions?

you cant divide mixed numbers

How do you multiply fractions with whole numbers and mixed numbers?

The question is ambiguous. Do you want to know how to multiply a fraction by a whole number, as well as by a mixed number? Or are you asking how to multiply a whole number by a mixed number and express the product as a fraction? Or what?

What is the process of changing smaller numbers to larger multiply or divide?


How do you divide three digits with with five numbers?

you multiply first then you divide

What are the steps of turning a mixed number into a fraction?

divide them and then multiply them.

How do you multiply consecutive numbers?

you divide and divide again then multiply then add then subtract then finally get the root

To divide real numbers as fractions multiply by the of the divisor?

" ... multiply by the RECIPROCAL of the divisor.

How do you multiply and divide integer?

Exactly in the same way that you would multiply and divide whole numbers which is another name for integers

How do you divid mixed numbers?

Change the mixed number to an improper fraction and then divide.

How do you devide a fraction with a mixed number?

*divide transform the mixed number into a fraction and then divide like a normal fraction (multiply by reciprocal).

How do you multiply 2 mixed numbers?

turn fraction into a improper fraction

How do you multiply mixed decimals and whole numbers?


How do you find the area with mixed numbers?

just multiply.

What do you do when their are two median numbers?

multiply them and divide by two

How is multiplying mixed numbers different than multiplying fractions?

if you have mixed numbers you make them into improper fractions before you multiply

How do you find the ratio of the volume of a cube?

you multiply all numbers you see. If triangle you multiply all numbers then divide it by three

Does product mean multiply or divide?

The product of two or more numbers means to multiply them.

How do you multiply millions?

The easiest way is to divide the numbers by a million than multiply the answer by a million. Remember that if you divide one number by a million than you have to divide all the other numbers by a million too other wise your answer will be incorrect.

How do you divide a mixed fraction by a whole number?

Multiply the denominator by the whole number, or divide the numerator by the whole number

How do you divide mixed number with a proper fraction?

turn the fraction upside down and multiplyConvert the mixed number to an improper fraction and multiply it by the reciprocal of the fraction.

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