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Convert them to improper fractions and proceed the same way you would multiply two fractions.

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Change the mixed numbers into improper fractions. Multiply and then change back to a mixed number in reduced form as necessary.

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Q: How do you Multiply three or more mixed numbers.?
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How do you get a composite number?

Composite numbers have three or more factors.

When you multiply two numbers what do you call the two numbers that you multiply?

The two (or more) numbers that you multiply are called factors. (The result of the multiplication is called the product.)

What composite numbers multiply up to 30?

No two (or more) composite numbers can multiply to 30.

When multiplying mixed numbers do you have to multiply the whole numbers or just the fractions?

More than that. You need to multiply the whole number, the farctions AND cross multiply the whole numbers and the fractions. Then add together all the answers. Thus, 23/4 * 56/7 = 2*5 + (3/4*6/7) + 2*6/7 + 3/4*5 Actually, it is far simpler to convert the mixed fractions to improper (top heavy) fractions, and then multiply the numerators together to give the numerator of the answer and multiply the denominators together to give the denominators of the answer.

What 3 consecutive odd numbers equal 270?

The sum of three odd numbers is odd but 270 is even, therefore there are no three odd numbers that add to 270. Similarly the product of two of more odd numbers is odd but 270 is even, therefore there are no three odd numbers that multiply together to get 270.

Does product mean multiply or divide?

The product of two or more numbers means to multiply them.

What is composite factors mean?

its means the numbers that you multiply with to get a product has more than numbers to multiply THAT with than just that number and 1.

How do you do dividing fractions and mixed numbers?

You change the mixed number into an inproper fraction.

Can You Multiply More then 2 Numbers At The Same Time?


Can a fraction have more than one mixed numbers?

yes it can

When two or more numbers are multiplied each number is called an?

The numbers that multiply are called factors.

What is a product in mulitplication?

product is what you get when you multiply two or more numbers together.