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If you mean: 5y(4t-2) then it is 20ty-10y

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Q: How do you multiply out 5y 4t-2?
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Multiply y-5y 5?


What is 5y plus 5y?

5y + 5y = 10y

How do you factor 4t2 - 12?

4(t^2 - 3)

What expression is equivalent to -(-5y-2)?


7x - 5y equals 76 4x plus y equals 55?

Multiply the bottom equation by 5.

Where can you play Lego mars mission?

no site 4t2 profolio procure

WHAT IS 5y-425?

5y-425 = -420

What is 5y-3y?

5y-3y = 2

-4x plus 5y equals -6 -6x - y equals 5?

Multiply the first by 3 and the second by -2

What is 5y- 5y?


How would you put 5y equals 25 in standard form?

5y=25x 25x=5y -5y 25x-5y=0

What is -5y-25?


How do you rewrite the equation -8x-5y-45?

-8x-5y-45 is not an equation. An equation requires an equal sign in there somewhere. If you meant -8x-5y=45, then there are many ways to rewrite it, such as -(8x+5y)=45, or 8x+5y=-45, or 8x=-(45+5y), to name three. If you meant -8x-5y=-45, then you're probably looking for 8x+5y=45.

How do you factor 25y2-10y 1?

(5y - 1)(5y - 1) or (5y - 1)2

What is 5y-14y?

5y - 14y = -9y

What is 5y - y?

5y - y = 4y

What is the value of x if 4x equals 5y?

If: 4x = 5y Then: x = 5y/4

How do you factor 5y-65xy?

5y(1 - 13x)

Which is equivalent to 3x divide by 7 plus 5y divided by 14x?

3x/7 + 5y/14x = 3x*2x/(7*2x) + 5y/14x = (6x2 + 5y)/14x

Factor this binomial 5y to the third - 125y?


How do you slove the polynomial 25y2-49w2?

25y2 - 49w2 = (5y)2 - (7w)2 = (5y - 7w)(5y + 7w)

What is 2x plus 5y plus 9x?

11x + 5y

What is 10x-5y in slope form?

10x-5y in slope form = 5

What is y over 5 equal to y over 6 plus 9?

y/5 = y/6+9 Multiply all terms by 30 to eliminate the fractions 6y = 5y+ 270 Subtract 5y from both sides 6y-5y = 270 y = 270

How do you solve 4 is greater than or equal to 5 y over -2 keeping in mind that only the y is over the negative?

To solve 4 ≥ 5y/-2 assuming normal algebraic rules regarding numbers and letters that are next to each other meaning multiply (and not as in a mixed number fraction): 4 ≥ 5y/-2 → 4 ≥ 5y/-2 (multiplying a fraction by a whole number → multiply numerator by the number) → 4 ≥ -5y/2 (make the denominator positive, so negate the numerator) → 8 ≥ -5y (multiply both sides by 2)* → 5y ≥ -8 (take the -5y and the 8 to the opposite sides, changing their signs) → y ≥ -8/5 (divide both sides by 5) Thus any value of y greater than or equal to -8/5 = -13/5 is a solution. * Multiplying (or dividing) both sides of an inequality by a negative number changes the direction of the inequality: greater than becomes less than and vice verse. By ensuring that the top of the negative "fraction" is the negative number and the bottom is positive, this change of inequality does not need to be remembered as a negative number is not used to multiply both sides.

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