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Just multiply one pair of your numbers to give you a product, and then multiply their product by your third number.

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Q: How do you multiply three digits in a logical way?
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How many three digits are positive integers there whose digits are 2 or 5?

8. A way to work this out is figure out how many possible digits can go in each place value position (units, tens, hundreds) and multiply these together. Since there are 2 possible digits that can go in each position and there are three positions, you would go: 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 Want a list? 222 225 252 255 555 552 525 522

What is a way of writing a number that shows the digits multiply by their place values?

That is the special purpose of the zero didit in numbers, such as 1005.

Is seventytwo a multiple of three?

yes 72/3 equals 24. an easy way to find out if a number is divisible by three is to add up all the digits. if the sum of the digits is divisible by three, the whole number is divisible by three.

How do you write seventeen million eight hundred eighteen thousand seven?

Write the digits in such a way that there are six digits to the right of the number of millions, and three digits to the right of the thousands. Fill out missing digits with zeros.

What number is below 100 and is in the 100's and is three digits?

-100 all the way to -999

What is an algorithm to calculate the sum of the digits of a three digit number?

algorithm is a way to solve your problem

Why do no digits of a prime number add up to 9?

Because they're in multiples of three - a quick way to tell if a number is a multiple of three is to add up the digits and see if the digits add up to a multiple of three e.g 576, 5+7+6=18, 1+8=9, 9 is a multiple of three

A way to write numbers by using digits?

Seventy million five hundred twenty three thousand three hundred eighty three

What is a quick way to determine if 3 is a factor of a number?

If the sum of the digits of a given number is divisible by three, the number is divisible by three.

When you multiply a negative cubed number what way do you move the decimal?

Whether a number is negative or positive makes no difference. In its full form, the cubed number will have three times as many digits after the decimal point. This assumes that none are lost through rounding.

What are three way from which hypotheses may arise?

Three ways a hypothesis may arise are: 1.) Prior knowledge 2.) Logical inference 3.) Informed, creative imagination

What is the rule of multipliying decimal?

One way is to multiply the numbers ignoring the decimal point. If the first multiplicand has d1 digits after the decimal point, and the second has d2 digits after the decimal point, then their product has (d1 + d2) digits after the decimal point.An alternative for the second stage is to estimate the answer to determine where the decimal point should go.