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Q: How do you outline a page for sixth graders?
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How do you write sixth graders?

sixth graders

If there are 90 sixth graders and 70 percent of them are in a play how many sixth graders are in the play?

There are 63 sixth graders in the play - 90*70% = 63.

Should sixth graders kiss fourth graders?


School has 15 sixth graders 12 sevenths and 13 eight graders what percentage of math club members are either sixth or seventh graders?

Assuming the math club had 15 sixth graders, 12 seventh graders, 13 eighth graders and no other members, then: There are 15 + 12 = 27 students that are sixth or seventh graders. There are 15 + 12 + 13 = 40 members. So the fraction that are sixth or seventh graders is 27/40. Using long division, 27/40 = 0.675 = 67.5% So 67.5% of the math club members are sixth or seventh graders.

How much should sixth graders weigh?

sixth graders should weigh 100 to 110 pounds .

How are most sixth graders?

most sixth graders are about 10 to 12 years old(including 11)

Harold's school has 52 sixth-graders and 39 sweventh-graderswhat is the ratio of sixth-grades to seventh-graders?


What is the percentage of sixth graders wanting to play for there school?

About 3/4 of all sixth graders want to try out for sports

Where do sixth graders belong?

In school.

Why should sixth graders not play sports?

ACTUALLY, sixth graders should or that is not healthy for them. They need more energy than you think!!

How many sixth graders laugh per day?

all the 6th graders in the world

Why are sixth graders so weird?


Is football safe for sixth graders?


How many sixth graders are in the US?


Reason sixth graders can't play sports in middle school?

sixth graders can play sports in middle school at some schools though

Do sixth graders have a school dance?

It really depends on the school they go to. The sixth graders in my town go to a school dance, but in some other towns they may not.

What do sixth graders use a diamond for?

The smartest sixth graders that I know keep their diamonds in the bank vault, to insure and wear as adults and to pass along to their children.

Is it safe to have 6th graders playing softball with 12 graders?

haha(: no. you should never have them play together unless the 12th graders suck and your sixth graders are beastly(:

How many six graders like Burger King?

Most sixth graders who like hamburgers or cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets, will most likely enjoy Burger King. Most sixth graders like fast food.

Why do seventh graders lead 6th graders on?

most of the time, i think it's because the seventh graders are older than the sixth graders (obviously) so the seventh graders think they can date (or whatever) whoever they want in sixth grade, or lead them on. or at least, that's what i think. Xd why would a 7th grader want to date a 6th graders and 6th graders shouldnt be dating

When do sixth graders have school dances?

It depends on the school.

What do they call tenth graders in England?

the sixth form

Is cotillion good for sixth graders?


What do sixth graders do for fun?

Varies from location to location...

Should sixth graders play sports for there school?


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