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There are 63 sixth graders in the play - 90*70% = 63.

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Reason sixth graders can't play sports in middle school?

sixth graders can play sports in middle school at some schools though

What is the percentage of sixth graders wanting to play for there school?

About 3/4 of all sixth graders want to try out for sports

Why should sixth graders not play sports?

ACTUALLY, sixth graders should or that is not healthy for them. They need more energy than you think!!

Should sixth graders play sports for there school?


Are sixth graders old enough to play sports?

Of course they are!

How many sixth graders play football?

There are many sixth grades that play football, but cannot be exactly counted due to the amount fo recreational, travel and school teams worldwide.

Is it safe to have 6th graders playing softball with 12 graders?

haha(: no. you should never have them play together unless the 12th graders suck and your sixth graders are beastly(:

Why should sixth graders get to play sports?

They need to improve their skills to!

Do sixth graders want to play school sports?

yes thay do.

Should sixth graders be allowed to play school sports?

Of course!! Sixth graders are so active and filled with excitement and they should let all that energy out with playing sports and play against eighth graders, but that will make them more challenged and make them want to play and win even more than what they usually would want to win.Eighth graders already think they are better than everybody else in the school, so it would mean a lot if the sixth graders can play against them.

Do 6th graders play sports?

71 percent of them do

Why sixth graders should not play sports?

Sixth graders should not play sports why? Because they might injure them selves severely, there simply to young, it won't hurt them to wait one more year just to play,and they could play on sports teams in their communities

What are pros for letting sixth graders play middle school sports?

a world record for concussions

What are some good party games for sixth graders?

Sixth graders always think of themselves as older. I remember when I was in sixth grade a couple years ago. You guys can dance, and then play wii, or you can do dares. you can also do open mic ( everyone sings a song ).

What are cons for letting sixth graders play middle school sports?

There are upside to letting 6th graders play middle school sports, but there are also downsides like if they 6th graders are focused on sports then they may not focus as much on their schoolwork or getting used to middle school.

What percent of 6th graders have cell phones and why?

About 87% percent since they use them to play games, check their grades, instagram, and text.

Should sixth graders be able to play sports and why?

It depends if you're talking about a school team, or even a sports club team.

Should sixth graders play middle school sports?

Yes, 6th graders should definatley play sports only meant for 7th and 8th graders. Whats the big deal? Soon they will get faced with a bigger challenge in sports and this will help prepare them for it. Also the school can make more money from the games

Which type of graph would best show the number of fifth graders and the number of sixth graders who play the violin piano or flute?

A stacked bar chart with a mid-section that shows people who play both.

How many 6th graders play sports?

A lot of 6th graders play sports I'm pretty sure. At least like all of the boys.

What grade does middle school basketball start?

In Meridian, Idaho, it starts in seventh grade. Sixth graders can still play Y Ball.

Why cant 6th graders play football?

6th graders can play football they can play whatever sport they want to.

Why cant 6th graders play sports?

6th graders can play sports wait what school

Can 6th graders play school sports?

It is really depending on the school. I go to a private school and sixth graders are granted the possibility of playing a sport. I also know children at schools are not granted the wish of sixies at da sports field..,

Why can't sixth graders play school sports?

At some schools they allow it such as basketball, volleyball etc. In 7th grade most schools start sports there.