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Q: How do you promote community integration?
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What is CARICOM an abbreviation for?

CARICOM is an abbreviation for Caribbean Community and Common Market. CARICOM is a organization of 15 nations and dependencies with the purpose to promote economic integration.

What did the freedom riders promote in the south?


How do festivals promote national integration unity strength of India?

It is that when festivals are celebrated, people celebrate together and this causes unity among ourselves and promote national integration

What is the advantages of parallel culture?

It promote national integration

Students role in communal harmony?

The role of students in communal harmony includes taking part in community activities and volunteering with organizations in the community. They should show respect for all members of the community.

How are strategies for community integration decided upon?

Strategies for community integration are typically decided upon through collaboration and consultation with community members, stakeholders, and experts. Input from these diverse groups helps identify key issues, goals, and resources, which then inform the development of effective integration strategies. It's important to consider the unique needs and perspectives of the community in order to create inclusive and sustainable integration plans.

What policy tried to promote unity between people made by Eisenhower?


What year was ecowas established?

ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) was established on May 28, 1975. Its primary objective is to promote economic integration and cooperation among its member states in West Africa.

How students promote national integration and communal harmony in India?

Students can promote national integration and communal harmony in India by actively participating in inter-cultural events, promoting tolerance and understanding among diverse communities, and educating others about the importance of unity in diversity. They can also engage in community service projects that bring people of different backgrounds together and foster mutual respect and cooperation.

How do you promote proper disposal of refuse in your community?

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What is the role of student in national integration?

students can promote national integration the least by developing a good personality and maintaining good behaviour with others.

What made carnegie a hero?

the vertical integration, and all that he has done for his community