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You need to be able to compare two fractions at a time, to see which one is greater. One way to do this is to convert two fractions at a time to a common denominator. It need not be the least common denominator - any common denominator will do, therefore you can just multiply the two denominators. Another way to compare fractions is to convert them to decimal. This can quickly be done with a calculator.

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if they had the same denominator just base on their numerator ,for exampe, 1/3 2/3 3/3

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Q: How do you put fractions in ascending order?
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How do you put fractions from least to greatest?

Convert them to common denominators and put the numerators in ascending order.

Fractions from lowest to highest?

Yes, fractions can be ordered from lowest to highest. It's called "ascending order."

What do you call listing fractions from least to greatest or greatest to least?

Listing the fractions is ascending (or descending) order.

How do you order four fractions?

Find the lowest common denominator, convert them, and arrange them in ascending order.

Is there an easy way to arrange fractions in ascending order?

Not until you've put them all over a common denominator. From there on, it's a piece o' cake.

What is the order of these fractions 4 over 7 5 over 8 3 over 4 and 11 over 12?

Those fractions are in ascending order.

What does ascending order mean when using fractions?

"Ascending order" means each one is bigger or higher than the one before it. It doesn't matter whether they're fractions, whole numbers, mixed numbers, temperatures, costs, weights, volumes, decimals, etc.

What is a sentence for Ascending?

Example sentence - We were instructed to put the list of numbers in ascending order in the first column.

How do you put fractions and decimals in order from least to greaest?

either turn all ur numbers to fractions or decimals, then put it in order

What form do you put a number in after you find its prime factorization?

ascending order

How do you order fractions and whole numbers?

 Put fractions in decimal form. That way it is much easier to compare and order them.

How do you order fractions?

put it in order from decimals as in first make the fraction in decimals and put them in order you desire :)

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