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If the set of data are represented by a letter, then the mean is represented by that letter with a bar across its top.

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Q: How do you represent the mean of a set data?
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What does linegraph mean?

A line graph is often used to represent a set of data values in which a quantity varies with time

What does representing data mean?

to represent the data givin, or you have found

What does maxemina mean?

There is in math a set known as a minimax, and the corresponding set called maximin. And also maximax and minimin.Of the set of values momentarily peaking (of a varying signal or data set), the minimax is the lowest of that set of maximum.Similarly the maximin is the highest value of the set of minima signals.The set of values lying between these represent the smallest variations from the mean.Maximax and minimin represent the extreme values of the whole data set.

What is another word for the mean in a set of data?

The mean of a set of data is also known is the average.

What do dot plots represent?

Dot plots represent the values of a data-set which is classified according to two variables.

What do you call the average of a set of data?

The average of a set of data is known as its "mean."

Find the mean of the data?

The mean of a set of data is the sum of that data divided by the number of items of data.

What kinds of graphs will best represent a given set of data?

circle graphs

X with a line over it?

The symbol "X" with a line over it is often used in mathematics to represent the average or arithmetic mean of a set of values. It is calculated by adding up all the values and dividing by the number of values in the set.

Is it true that in large data sets the mean is always one of the data values?

No. Here's one set of data where the mean is not one of the values: a set of 250,000 numbers. 125,000 of them are "1", 125,000 are "3". The mean of this data set is "2", which is not among the data.

When is it misleading to use the mean as a descriptor of a data set?

It is misleading to use the mean as a descriptor of a data set when the median or mode would be more representative of the data set as a whole.

What does the mean absolute deviation represent?

how many numbers your data is away from your mean