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(x + 5)2

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Q: How do you rewrite x2 plus 10x plus 25 in an equivalent factored form?
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Related questions

What is 2a plus 2b in factored form?

2(a+b) is 2a plus 2b in factored form.

What is the factored form of the polynomial x2 plus 9x plus 20?

It is (x+4)(x+5) when factored

What does 12x plus 9y equivalent to?

It is equivalent to 3(4x+3y) when factored

What is the factored form of w2 plus 18w plus 77?

w2+18w+77 = (w+7)(w+11) when factored

What is the factored form of the expression 18 plus 8x plus x?

18 + 8x + x = = 18 + 9x = 9(2 + x) which is the factored form of the expression.

What is 2x plus 3 in factored form?

2x + 3 can be factored as follows: 2(x + 1.5)

What is the factored form of 6x to the second power plus 5x plus 1?

6x2+5x+1 = (3x+1)(2x+1) when factored

What is an equivalent expression for 12A plus 12b?

When factored it is: 12(A+b)

Which expression is the factored equivalent of x2 plus 7x - 18?

x2+7x-18 = (x+9)(x-2) when factored

What is n squared plus four multipled by n plus thirty six in factored form?

It can't be factored because its discriminant is less than zero

How can the expression ax2 plus bx plus c be factored with work?

It's the general form of a quadratic expression and it can be factored providing its discriminant is not less than zero.

What is the factored form of 4x2 plus 12x plus 5?


What is 8b plus 20 in factored form?


What is 10u plus 130 in factored form?

10(u + 30)

What is the factored form of 6x2 plus 10x?

2x(3x + 5)

How do you write 9x2 plus 2x-7 in factored form?

9x2+2x-7 = (9x-7)(x+1) when factored

What expression is equivalent to ( 72 plus 9)?

The expression when factored is equivalent to: 9(8+1) and they both add to 81

What are the factors of the following polynomial k2 plus 18k plus 81?

To factor this, find two numbers whose product is 81 and sum 18. These two numbers are therefore 9 and 9. So we can rewrite the polynomial in its factored form as follows: (k+9)(k+9), or "k plus 9 squared"

Can 3 n squared plus 7 n plus 4 be factored?

Yes, it can. ANY equation of this form can be factored. The factors may not be integers or even real numbers, though.

Factored form expression for 12x2 plus 14x plus 4?

Dividing all terms by 2 gives: 6x2+7x+2 = (2x+1)(3x+2) when factored

How do you write 8m plus 8n in factored form?


What is the factored form of variable of a to the power of 2 plus 6a plus (-3a) minus 2 plus 4a?

idont know

What is the factored form of x2-5x plus 6?

(x - 3)(x - 2)

Y2 -9y plus 14 in factored form?

(y - 7)(y - 2)

What is factored form of 2p plus 34?

2p + 34 = 2*(p + 17)