How do you simplify -9-(-2)?

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9 - 6 = 3

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Q: How do you simplify -9-(-2)?
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How do you simplify 69 over 92?

69/92 In order to simplify, you need to find the GCF - Greatest Common Factor. The factors for 69: 1x69 3x23 The factors for 92 are: 1x92 2x46 4x23 6x16 So the GCF is 23. 69/92 to simplify, 69/23 = 3 and 92/23 = 4 That means 3/4 or .75

How do you simplify 69 over 92 to the lowest term?


How do you simplify 3 plus 46(10-8)?

3 + 92 = 95

Simplfy 92 out of 138?

To simplify 92 out of 138 the answer is 46/39. Both numbers are divided by the greatest common factor which is 2.

How do you simplify 48 out of 92?

Expressed as a vulgar fraction in its simplest form, by dividing both the numerator and denominator of 48/92 by 4, you get 12/23, or twelve twenty-thirds.

How do you simplify 8 over 92?

Find their highest common factor, which is 4, and then divide both parts, which gives you 2 over 23.

Will 412 simplify?

No it will not simplify.

How do you simplify 112?

how do you simplify 108

How do you simplify 4.72?

You cannot simplify it.

How can you simplify nine over fifty- eight?

You can't simplify that. There are no common factors.You can't simplify that. There are no common factors.You can't simplify that. There are no common factors.You can't simplify that. There are no common factors.

How do you change 0.920 as a fraction in simplest form?

Change the decimal to a fraction and then simplify the fraction. ,920 equals 920/1000 or 92/100. In simplest form, it is 23/25.

What is a sentence for simplify?

Okay class, simplify the sum on the board.We need to simplify these instructions.

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