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Well, 417 + 417 + 417 +417 is the same as 4 x 417, because you are adding 417 together 4 times. So, the equation can be rewritten as 4 x 417 = 4x. From here, you should divide both sides by 4. This will get x by itself, giving you the value of x. If you didn't plug 4x 417 into a calculator yet, you can see that when you divide it by 4, the 4s cancel and you are left with 417. Thus, x = 417

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Q: How do you solve 417 plus 417 plus 417 plus 417 equals 4X?
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many solutions

How do you solve 16x plus 4y equals 8?

You can't solve it. But you can simplify it to get: 4x+y=2

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Solve for x 5 plus 4x equals 3?

x= -.5

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2y = 4x + 4y = 2x + 2

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You cannot solve one linear equation with two variables.

You write 4x plus 4y equals 40?

How do you write 4x plus 4y equals 40 or how do you solve it? You would write it 4x+4y=40 you would solve it for y by subtracting 4x from both sides 4y=40-4x then divide all of that by 4y=40-4x/4 that's if you were graphing i have no idea what you're asking hope that helps if it's not too late.

Solve 8 plus x equals 4 in simplest form?


How do you solve x plus 2 equals -4x plus 7?

Add 4x - 2 to each side: 5x = 5 x = 1

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4x + 3y = 8x + y so 3y - y = 8x - 4x ie 2y = 4x so y = 2x

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5+4x-7 = 4x+3-x 4x-2 = 3x+3 4x-3x = 3+2 x = 5

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You need to organise your question properly. 3x+2y=4 4x + 3y= 7? Is 4 4x = 44x or 4-4x or 4+4x How can there be 2 equal signs in 1 equation?

If 4x plus 2l plus 6 equals 3 show that l equals 13-2x?

If you would to solve for (l) then l = 4x/2 + 3/2 (4x + 3 is over 2).To solve for x. x = 2l/4 + 3/4 ( 2l + 3 is over 4)Hope this helps.

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16x+9 without the rest of the equation, what this equals, I can't solve

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4x+7-3x = 15 4x-3x = 15-7 x = 8

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4x+9 = 7x+3 4x-7x = 3-9 -3x = -6 x = 2

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-4x+3 = 23+6x -4x-6x = 23-3 -10x = 20 x = -2

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Subtract 4x from each side getting 1 = 48x so x = one forty-eighth

How do you solve the equation. X2 plus y2 plus z2 - 4x plus 4y plus 2z plus 5 equals 0 x2 plus y2 plus z2 equals 4?


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If you can't factor it easily, use the quadratic formula.

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4x=-10 x=-2.5

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2*2+4x-9=0 4x=9-4 4x=5 x=5/4

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x2 + 4x + 3 = 0 (x + 1)(x + 3) = 0 x ∈ {-3, -1}

4x plus 5 equals -19 equals?