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One solves a power by multiplying the base number by itself the number of times that the power number is. For example:

2 to the power of 8=



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Q: How do you solve a power?
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900 and divide10 with the power of four solve it = 90

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How to solve 8 to the power 2 5?

To solve 8 to power 25, you either need the mathematical tables or a scientific calculator.

How do you solve x raised to the power of 36?

x raised to the power 36 is x36. Without a value for x, there is nothing to solve!

How do you solve x to the 5th power - 48?


How do you solve for the power in physics?

Power is the rate of change of energy with time.

How do you solve a to the power of m times a to the power of n?

am * an = am+n

How do you solve 2.7times 10 to the -4 power?

(-10) to the power of negetive 2

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How do you solve for power if mass distance and time is given?

power=work done/time interval

How do you solve X to the power of 3 - 4X?


Solve x to the zero power plus y to the zero power?

any number to the 0 power is 1, so the answer is 2.

How do you solve power factor?

by using capacitor & inductor

How do you spell 10ยณ?

Ten to the third power or 1,000 to solve it.

How do you solve combination circuits?

Generally,1. Convert parallel branches into series equivalents2. Solve for the total resistance3. Solve for individual voltages4. Solve for individual currents5. Solve for power

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Solve 5 to the power of x equals -25?


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How does one solve equations with exponents?

one million as a power of ten

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How do you solve 64 as a power of 2?

26 = 64