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put it into the quadratic formula: for ax2+bx+c=0

x= - b (plus or minus)rad(b2-4ac)


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Q: How do you solve a real world quadratic function?
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Are there no real solutions if a quadratic function is 0?

If a quadratic function is 0 for any value of the variable, then that value is a solution.

Where can i find a real-life application of a quadratic function?

Quadratic functions are used to describe free fall.

What is Nature of the zeros of a quadratic function?

If you have a quadratic function with real coefficients then it can have: two distinct real roots, or a real double root (two coincidental roots), or no real roots. In the last case, it has two complex roots which are conjugates of one another.

How are the real solutions of a quadratic equation related to the graph of the quadratic function?

The real solutions are the points at which the graph of the function crosses the x-axis. If the graph never crosses the x-axis, then the solutions are imaginary.

What are the pros and cons of the quadratic equation?

Pros: There are many real life situations in which the relationship between two variables is quadratic rather than linear. So to solve these situations quadratic equations are necessary. There is a simple equation to solve any quadratic equation. Cons: Pupils who are still studying basic mathematics will not be told how to solve quadratic equations in some circumstances - when the solutions lie in the Complex field.

Can you give me an example of a real life situation involving quadratic functions?

Quadratic functions will be used in chemistry in real life. Quadratic equations are used to solve equilibrium problems and determine the amount of reactants in a mixture that will react and the concentrations of products that will be form.

Why cant the zero product property be used to solve every quadratic equation?

If the discriminant of a quadratic equation is less than zero then it will not have any real roots.

How are quadratic equations used in the real world?

There are many ways quadratic equations are used in the real world. These equations are used to calculate area, speed and profit

Can you have quadratic function with one real root and are complex root?

Yes, but in this case, the coefficients of the polynomial can not all be real.

What are comparisons between a cubic and quadratic function?

They are both polynomial functions. A quadratic is of order 2 while a cubic is of order 3. A cubic MUST have a real root, a quadratic need not.

Could there be a quadratic function that has an undefined axis of symmetry?

Yes and this will happen when the discriminant of a quadratic equation is less than zero meaning it has no real roots.

Real life example of a quadratic function?

Using your ICE table in doing equilibrium calculations of concentrations in chemistry yields a quadratic function. X = Vot +(1/2)at2 is an equation of kinematics in physics.