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Quadratic functions are used to describe free fall.

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Q: Where can i find a real-life application of a quadratic function?
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To find a real life application of a quadratic function?

When you are trying to find the unknown concentrations in equilibrium reaction ( chemistry ) the result if the ICE table set up devolves into a quadratic equation. Happens in physics to.

How can you use a graph to find zeros of a quadratic function?

The zeros of a quadratic function, if they exist, are the values of the variable at which the graph crosses the horizontal axis.

How do you find the zeros of any given polynomial function?

by synthetic division and quadratic equation

What are the real life application of quadratic equation in education in sustaining development?

You'll find "real-life applications" of the quadratic equation mainly in engineering applications, not in sustainable development.

How do you find the quadratic function of y equals 7x2 plus 2x plus 11?

With difficulty because the discriminant of the quadratic equation is less than zero meaning it has no solutions

How do you determine wheather a quadratic function has a maximum or minimum and how do you find it?

In theory you can go down the differentiation route but because it is a quadratic, there is a simpler solution. The general form of a quadratic equation is y = ax2 + bx + c If a > 0 then the quadratic has a minimum If a < 0 then the quadratic has a maximum [and if a = 0 it is not a quadratic!] The maximum or minimum is attained when x = -b/2a and you evaluate y = ax2 + bx + c at this value of x to find the maximum or minimum value of the quadratic.

How aerospace engineers use the quadratic equation?

The quadratic equation is used to find the intercepts of a function (F(x)=x^(2*n), n being an even number) along its primary axis (typically the x axis). Many equations follow this form. The information given by the quadratic equation depends on what your function is pertaining to. If say you have a velocity vs time graph, when the function crosses the xaxis your particle has changed from a positive velocity to a negative velocity. This information can be useful to determine the accompanying behavior of your position. The quadratic equation is simply a tool to find intercepts of a function.

What is an application for a quadratic equation in real life?

A quadratic equation could be used to find the optimal ingredients for a mixture. Example: if you are trying to create a super cleanser, you could make a parabola of your ingredients, finding the roots of the equation to find the optimal amount for each ingredient.

Write an algorithm to find the root of quadratic equation?

Write an algorithm to find the root of quadratic equation

How do you find the discriminant of a function?

To find the discriminant of a quadratic function, first express it in descending powers, thusax^2 + bx + c = 0 where a, b and c are real and a is non-zero.Then the discriminant is b^2 - 4ac

How do you find the salient feature in a graph?

Depending on the graph, for a quadratic function the salient features are: X- intercept, Y-intercept and the turning point.

How do you get the points to graph a quadratic function?

The quadratic equation is y=ax^2 +bx +c. So, you substitute in the values of a, b, and c to the quadratic formula (x= -b +/- \|b^2-4ac all over 2a) in order to find the x value then, substitute in x to the quadratic equation and solve. You will have point (x,y) to graph